Who Gave The Bloggers Too Much Credit?

from the perhaps-it-was-the-press... dept

When the NY Times kicked out their editors last week, there was a very quick debate over whether or not bloggers had anything to do with it. There had been lots of excitement a few months back when the bloggers helped keep the Trent Lott story alive, but it was a lot less clear when it came to the resignation of the NY Times editors. Most bloggers that I read seemed to quickly debate the issue and then agree that blogs had little to do with keeping the story alive. If anything, it was other reporters gloating over the NY Times failures that kept attention on the story. Mark Glaser is now taking a look at whether or not bloggers should take credit for the resignations and concludes (as most bloggers have) that the answer is no. I think the more interesting point is that the “bloggers get credit” story was pushed a lot stronger by journalists than bloggers. It was almost as if they felt they missed a story about the power of blogs when the whole Trent Lott thing happened, and wanted to make sure they didn’t miss it this time around.

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