Cordless Phones Offer Built-In Anti-Telemarketer Technology

from the but-what-happens-when-it-goes-obsolete? dept

VTech, makers of popular cordless phones, have made a deal to embed the popular “Telezapper” device into their phones. The Telezapper is a fairly simple piece of technology that listens for telltale signs of a telemarketing phone call and then proceeds to respond with the standard signal for a phone number that is no longer valid. Most telemarketing systems record that info and automatically remove your number from their list. Of course, ever since this product first launched there has been an arms race to beat it – and many claim they can beat the Telezapper already. Considering that most people tend to keep their phones for a while, they run the risk of having a very obsolete feature on their phones – though, I guess it’s better than having nothing at all…

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