The Neighbors Are Watching Via Surveillance Video

from the big-brother-is-next-door dept

With all the stories about governments or corporations becoming “Big Brother”, it turns out that Big Brother might just be next door. In the latest kidnapping case in California, police say that one of the best initial leads they got came from the surveillance camera of the next door neighbor. Clearly, it’s a good thing that such a camera helped lead to information that let the police track down the kidnapper. However, it certainly does raise some privacy issues. Yes, it’s nice to have a world where people are unlikely to commit a crime since they’re always being watched, but do we really want a world where no one has any real privacy?

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Comments on “The Neighbors Are Watching Via Surveillance Video”

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Anonymous Coward says:

This is just typical Mike blather

Dave, don’t try to find any logic in this (or any) of Mike’s arguments – you won’t find any. He usually tends to argue against technological advancements that make laws easier to enforce or that steer people towards the straight & narrow. Heck, the guy is one of the biggest apologists for music thieves that you’ll ever find, so its hardly surprising that he’s against security cameras, even when used in the context of public spaces.

This Guy, Ya know? says:

Re: This is just typical Mike blather

He usually tends to argue against technological advancements that make laws easier to enforce or that steer people towards the straight & narrow.”

Citizens, beware!

I’m concerned about this “Anonymous Coward” poster. Everyone knows that anonymity is the first refuge of those with something to hide. How can we steer him towards the “straight and narrow” if we don’t know who he is, or what he’s doing right now? Citizens, beware!

brad says:

Re: Re:

to the obvious federal employee that has nothing to hide… why dont you have a weirdo follow you or worse your daughter. do you not understand people can be creepy am privacy is not a right for anyone to spy on another in the name of safety. the whole violation itself is a violation of safety and i know damned well it has nothing to do with anyone hiding anything i guess your mot attractive enough to have had many stalking weirdos looking through a crack in a door or break into your house to install cameras but Trust me it’s UNSETTLING.

Lisa Hopkins_Roberts says:

Re: Re: Re: Stalking0

I feel that my neighbors are stalking me and it ua distasteful to harrass someone who us not interested in you. I have no proof. So I do not know what to with no proof. Do not want any trouble. Just want to be left alone. Who will wver believe me? Damn!!! My privacy, there is no respect with all these neighbors.

Vanessa says:

Re: This is just typical Mike blather

It may be blather to you. To take it from one who has experienced being stalked by my neighbors, rapped — repeatedly — and no one believing me. Gassed with protane and arms looking like a junkie when I don’t do drugs, hair with bald spots where it was shaved (all these things miraculously appearing upon waking. Neighbors constantly outside watching your every move and being followed around. Sounds crazy, right. That is what keeps the knowledge of this phenomena going so boldly.

My house was vandalized to $30,000, even the contractors who came to repair turned around and destroyed my home with water damage yet still expecting me to pay until eventually I had to simply walk away from my home.

I worked at home and my computer system was hacked. Your own computer with DSL access allows for voice and video surveillance.

The FBI and local police simply wrote me off as crazy even when I had semen and went to the hospital for a rape kit performed. I was offered a week in their psych ward instead of a rape kit performed.

The web is full of tells of neighborhood stalkings. I was one of those who did not believe it either until it happened to me.

thecaptain says:

No Subject Given

“Yes, it’s nice to have a world where people are unlikely to commit a crime since they’re always being watched, but do we really want a world where no one has any real privacy? “

lemme see, where can we find out how people behave when they are in an anonymous consequence free environment? The net!

See the proliferation of trolls, spammers, and just plain morons that bring the signal to noise ratio to such desperate levels that discourse is becoming the exception rather than the norm on USENET, IRC, and many many message boards…

While I want my privacy, I can’t help but feel that if we WERE under the camera things would be a lot safer…I’m still not sure I want to give up my privacy for this mind you and I’m not arguing for that…I’m just pointing out what people end up becoming when they KNOW they can get away with it….

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given


I’m posting as an AC, but I guarentee you that if I were to say anything illegal in this post, like maybe something the Secret Service or FBI would be interested in, I would get in a lot of trouble.

The net is under total surveillance all of the time. Just because you don’t know who I am doesn’t mean that I can’t be found.

Heidi Marie Cox says:

stalking neighbors

The neighbors next door have several cameras (with spot lights)watching our home. One of the cameras only monitors our backyard that has a 7ft. privacy fence. We built the fence to re-establish some privacy. They simple raised the camera. We’ve bought blinds. They continue to watch. Where does the law support our privacy on our not so “private” property?

Bird says:

Re: stalking neighbors

I have this same issue at my residence. There is a camera facing the window to my room. I have told the neighbor to move the camera in the other direction. I was told that the camera is broken, but is clearly evident that is working just fine. Clearly this is a violation of my privacy. This is in a suburb location with house 10 feet apart. The neighbor is not watching the street, it’s pointed straight into my window.

Bertie (profile) says:

Re: Re: stalking neighbors

I believe I know who you are Bird. My cameras do not work and have not worked since the painters were here and turned the cameras off the direction I originally had them. My VCR recorder short-circuited from the poor wiring. I have not had the money to fix this problem. A new VCR recorder for my cameras costs approx. $500.00. The cameras were installed by workers from the top of my roof which I cannot reach, therefore they have remained in that position. I have told you many times about this, and you still seem to be paranoid that I have an interest in you, your wife and your property. I HAVE NO INTEREST IN YOU AT ALL. I RESPECT OTHER’S PRIVACY AT ALL TIMES. I EVEN KEEP MY SHUTTERS UPSTAIRS SHUT AT ALL TIMES TO GIVE YOU YOUR BACKYARD PRIVACY. I must say, though, myself and my daughter, and my friends have caught you watching us through your windows, my daughter when sunbathing in the backyard is one of the many times you have been caught inappropriately spying on us and eavesdropping as well. Your long-term unemployment of 15 years where you do mostly nothing inside your home probably has something to do with this. Your paranoia is self-projected from your own guilt and inappropriateness.

cindy says:

Re: stalking neighbors

I have a similar situation, of a neighbor spying on us with 4 wireless cameras trained on our yard. Today, I plugged up an old baby monitor to my tv and before hooking up cameras, guess what I saw? Every view from each camera THEY have. Now, I can see what they’re looking at! I’m tempted to put my cameras on their yard and when they watch their own monitor, they’d see THEIR yard, but not know where the pic is coming from…or I might just aim it right back into one of their cameras, but for now, I’m just going to watch my yard via their cameras. (Perhaps I should thank them, as I no longer have to mount cameras!)

Ron Cosentino (user link) says:

My neighbors are spying on us with wireless rermot

Help, we are being harrassed by our neighbors a sanctimonious group of religious people who do not like our way of living on our property. We bother no one and live in a secluded lot, yet they want to use probes to look into our house invade our computors and TV’s you name it they are watching 24 hours a day with the help of their church’s congrigation(man power). We have GPS devices hidden on our cars and I am followed to the library my friends house or when I go out for dinner (everywhere). This has been going on for 2 years now, I can’t get proof bercause they know my every move and I don’t want the law to think we are crazy, how can I stop this? Can I buy equipment that will jam their equipment and use something that records their activities. The probes they use can inflict itching and touching sensations keeping us up at night also make noises to confuse us. Our cats are being scared into shitting all over the house. This is a federal offense I have read how can i make it stick? I need help!

steve pool says:

Re: My neighbors are spying on us with wireless re

I am going through the very same thing, so far the thing that I found out that really pisses them off the most is mounting my cameras and pointing them at their homes, and if your camera’s have audio then wire a amp and speaker out side and turn it up loud so they can hear what assholes they are

Natalie says:

Re: My neighbors are spying on us with wireless re

I’am in a similar circumstance, there is a group of people stalking and harrassing me, they claim that they have something that can hear what I”m thinking, that they can see me where ever i go. They say things like *quite evesdropping* and my 4 year old son says evesdropping all the time, my mom has even heard them in my house. They have the neighbors harrassing me all the damn time and they are making up horrible lies about me like I”m a child abuser, which trust me I’am not, I pride myself in taking care of my children. I don’t know what to do either, I”m 6mths pregant and so far they have been stalking and harrassing me for an entire year, and they know I’m pregnant. I almost lost my baby a few months ago because of these people.

fed up says:

neighbors with survillence camera on my hous

My neighbors who live across the street have installed a high tech night vision zoom camera on the top of their garage, and you guessed it that thing is pointed right at my house, when i walk out my front door it flashes red light then adjusts, i walk to my gate to open it and there it is again flashing zooming and watching my every move. Is there not a law against neighbors with video cameras mounted in such a way to single you out and watch your every move, i’m trying to find a law otr something that would prevent this. can someone please help me.
desperate….and getting a restraining order on these people in the meantime for other things.

Stephanie says:

Re: neighbors with survillence camera on my hous

I have the same problem there is a syco across the street with 8 camera’s pointed at our house we have recently put up a privacy fence and are looking into taking legal action. but have not yet found any relief in just calling the cops infact, my husband was told if he keeps calling them that they will take “HIM” to jail on the next call!!!! wtf???? I don’t get it. have you got any help I think we are as desperate at you are don’t you wish some people would GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!

Jen says:

Re: neighbors with survillence camera on my hous

What we as a people need to do is fight this. Petitions, A web site to help fight these ignorant, evil people, who have no lives of their own. In schools in Canada there is a no bullying policy. Well when the hell is the Bullying going to stop? Can someone answer that. I have been continuously Harassed, My Neighbors older 43 years old, his son went after my children 6 and 12 years old yelling profanities and threatening to break my children s arms, When does it stop, when do people have rights to privacy and the right to enjoy their daily lives. I’ll tell you when, when a parent finally snaps because of video tapeing their children and someone get seriously hurt or killed. Thats when it will stop, and by that time its too late. I would like to know when people will just fight back and start trying to do something about it. Don’t we pay our taxes, don’t we make our government??? Since when are we not heard, we are heard only when we make it a point to be heard…. Any one interested in trying to do something about this insanity please contact me>>>

Dave says:

I'm fed up - are you?

My neighbor has 4 surveillance cams pointed over my 7 ft. privacy fence. My entire backyard is privacy fence. No city ordinance against the cams. Two granddaughters 3 & 5 yr. can’t even play in their play house or swim now.

This has got to stop and citizens must make it happen. Security is one thing but when it is mounted on a post or in a tree and pointed over the fence, only an idiot would support the contention that it’s ok. Whene the boiling point is reached – people get hurt! If you have a good law that covers this in your area – send me info at

Speaking of idiots, don’t even go “there” with the argument about “if you aren’t doing anything wrong, what does it matter” When I go to the bathroom I’m not doing anything wrong but I don’t want people watching. People have an expectation of privacy when their entire yard is enclosed by privacy fence.

If you are fed up with it, too, send your opinion to the above email. I am going to prepare something for our city council. Technology seems to have outstripped the law.

Kathy says:

Re: I'm fed up - are you?

Like you, I am fed up too. My neighbors (if you can call them that) have surveillance cameras mounted on every side of their house, and those are the ones that we can see! They are double income, no kids in a planned community full of young families on 1/4 – 1/3 acre lots. While I have no solid proof, I also suspect that they have video AND audio capability. I agree that security is one thing, but when their cameras cross boundary lines I feel that it is another matter. We’ve had a long standing feud going with these people over our two dogs (long story, but suffice to say that I tried every means necessary (short of civil suit) to stop them from harassing us and our dogs. Thankfully, that harassment has stopped as best we can tell. Now there’s still the issue of the video cameras monitoring our every move while we are just living our lives and going about our daily routines. Like the other postings I’ve read, the cameras are aimed across the street, affecting three neighbors; they are mounted on either side of their house affecting our house and the neighbor on the other side. We all have young children and it is very upsetting that this is even happening at all. I guess you could say that they are equal opportunity voyeurs. Well, almost. They have two obvious cameras mounted and facing toward our property. In addition, they have two very small, wireless cameras facing our house. That’s four cameras just on us. These cameras potentially cover our front side yard, our back yard, and our deck. I’m fairly certain that I witnessed myself and my daughter and her friend (age 9) in my own driveway as early as yesterday evening. I had been home for less than 30 minutes. How did I witness this? You see, they have the monitoring TV located in an upstairs bedroom where they freely leave the blinds open. Although the visual was from a short distance, there were other telling tale signs that this is what happened. Again, like other positings, this sounds completely paranoid and crazy, but not so. I am definitely interested in finding out if there are any laws covering this type of surveillance. At a minimum, I would think that this not only is an invasion of privacy, but an infringement of our Fourth Amendment rights. I am on board with any movement or consortium to prevent this kind of harassment, invasion of privacy, and emotional torment.
P.S. While I like and get along with all the other neighbors who are also affected by this, they remain apathetic to the whole situation.

nancy says:

Re: Re: I'm fed up - are you?

What have you done about camera?. My neighbor installed a camera late last year which was fixed on her property entrance only. The angle has now been changed to view our private road, and property over which she has an easement for ingress, egress only. I hate the idea of being viewed on my own property when I am coming and going. I don’t like cameras at all.

Donna (user link) says:

Re: I'm fed up - are you?

My neighbor just did this today….I flashed my breasts at the camera then put a 6×6 piece of wood on a long 2×4 and placed it in my property 6 inches in front of the camera…The police are on their way…I will find out in about 10 minutes if it is illegal to bare yourself on your own private property that is surrounded by 7 feet fences…He put the camera 10 feet in the air, over the fence..Will post back after the police leave and I talk to them…(or get arrested for indecent exposure…LOL

pam says:

Re: I'm fed up - are you?

we are having the same situation pretty much and we have 3 kids and camera pointing all over our private areas have you found in info on this that can help put a stop to this? we also need help we have 3 kids and the neighbours have at least 3 or 4 camera pointing in and around our house if you have an suggestions that would be great. We are in the London On area

kathy says:

Neighbor stalking

I have two neighbors who are stalking me. One has a home security camera trained on me when I walk our common easement. The other neighbor drives by with his video camera, tracking all of my moves. He has admitted taking over 50 videos of me and my family so far. The police will do nothing about it because the stalkers maintain they have to keep track of me to prevent problems in the neighborhood because I have a home based business. It is crazy and very upsetting.

Sum Shi says:

My neighbors are spying on us

I am not some jerk, but my neighbor kept blaming my children and household members for causing damage to other peoples property. Also I have a situation with the same neighbor is building a addition in his back yard. He has people working back that that are from the local hardware store, day workers and not professional. We have a zero lot line, meaning there in no setback from the home to the property dividing fence. Feed up, I put up cameras. In the front to insure that he could not longer blame my household for damages, in the back to I can insure one of the workers does not hop the wall into my property. Although my neighbor is suppose to be home at all times that work on the addition is taking place, he leaves for hours at a time. I am a single female with 2 kids and could no longer take the bullying. There are 2 sides to every story. Although there is no law stating I can not have those cameras up, sure enough he called the local police and they paid me a visit. The 1st set of cops advised it was a “invasion of privacy”. They were not happy when I requested to speak to someone above him. The Sargent came and he was very “gray” about it. I have found nothingin the CA penal code stating I have done anything wrong. If anyone knows, please advise.

steve pool says:

Ron Cosentino

“Mr. Cosentino” or any one who wishes to contack me in reguards to asshole that live next door to you that haves nothing better to do then screw up other peoples lifes. This bullshit has to stop & the law is turning their backs becouse it’s less work for them when neighbor go ratting on each other. I have got myself in a vary bad mess, and I hope that any thing that I can shair with you can keep any one out of trouble.

Vanessa says:

Stalked, raped and turned away by the FBI and loca

I contacted the local police for about a year, then I contacted the FBI who sent me back to the local police. I believe this is government authorized because no matter what I do, at a government job or otherwise, I am let go within a few months with lies and sabatoge at work. I have a 145 page documented case of sexual and hostile harrassment that the documentation shows is so obvious anyone would not believe could be contested, yet, nothing was done… Technology is easily obtained, that’s true, but it does not explain why the police and the government does nothing to even address the issue. This is happening throughout the USA and I’ve recently heard on a Wisconsin radio station that “Individual Terrorism” is on the rise.

This all began in 2001 when I contacted the FBI regarding see ADA (the man who supposedly blew up the Trade Center Towers). This man was in Tomball, Texas in 2001 and the FBI did nothing. In 2003, the KKK had a recruitment meeting in this small suburban town and nothing was done about it (which included police officers in sheets I later saw riding around the neighborhood).

Since 2003, all those things annotated in my first message was done, and no one cared. What I learned from this experience is “THAT is what you get for getting involved…. even when asked to.”

Steve says:

Malicious act of systematic harassment and intimid

10/6/04 – current I came home from work to find a closed circuit video camera aimed at our property. It turns on when we pull in the driveway or are anywhere in our front yard. A red light flashes and it moves back and fourth over our property, apparently recording our activity.
The camera was initially aimed so it was viewing part of our house where our bedroom windows are located. I am not sure if this motion sensitive camera also picks up sound. I have observed James Fisher re-aiming it several times. It was re-aimed by him to video tape my wife, son and myself as we pull in the driveway, enjoy our front yard, exit or enter our front or back door. It stayed in this setting until 08/01/05 where it’s now re-aimed by James Fisher at the street. The camera was aimed at us for almost a year. Its existence causes us extreme emotional distress. With a flick of his wrist the camera can be re-aimed directly at us again.

He has a second closed circuit video camera in his front kitchen window aimed at our property. Our lawyer instructed us to film these cameras and take pictures. The camera in his kitchen is now aimed at the sidewalk in front of his house. It is aimed so it is able to record and video tape anyone’s wife, children or little kids or other family members in the neighborhood who happen to be walking down a public sidewalk. This is of course without their knowledge or consent.

Additional Closed Circuit Video equipment discovered on the back of his property

9/7/05- current In the Fishers sliding glass doors out the lower level, there is a third closed circuit camera aimed towards the back of our properties. Which is where our outside Hot Tub is and used by my wife and son with the expectation of privacy. (How many more cameras is he using that are still watching us?). I have seen him on numerous occasions aiming, checking and re-aiming the cameras. Who knows what he does with these tapes of minors and young ladies in the privacy of his basement. They could also be posted onto the internet putting my family in extreme jeopardy from sexual internet predators.

Please help, the police, laywers and local goverment officials along with the comunities civic association seem to think there is nothing wrong wtih this. But as I tell them if it was happening to them they would think differently. Pleas help. I need immediate assistance and guidance.

Thank You,

Steve Nunes

The Rage (profile) says:

Re: Re: Malicious act of systematic harassment and

Let me give you a point of view from one (myself) who was advised TO install security cameras/videotape. I moved to a sleepy unicoporated community in upstate South Carolina from a Columbia neighborhood that was wracked with vice and violence about three years ago. For the first year, things were tough financially, but relatively peaceful. I had been warned that the neighbors on one side of me had an abusive father and on the other side, was quite frankly, a pair of weirdos (with a history of drug use and abuse).

Video security cameras were installed to monitor my porch and my backyard after I was called to 1)Witness against the abusive father/mother in a case of extreme animal neglect.(An injured dog was left outside IN the heat for four days with the flesh ripped off one rear leg..It eventually crawled onto my porch on its own..These people have LOT’s of money btw!) I was forced to get involved and due to threats of physical violence, continued harrassment, and the cops doing nothing, I found the cameras did the trick. Finally, DSS took notice, because as you know, those who would abuse/neglect innocent animals do the same to people. My cameras audio capabilities, although the lenses are pointed at my yard, have enough sensitivity to “record” any outbursts by this father OR mother and DSS encouraged me to record INCIDENTS (notice not all the time). In addition to this, some other neighbors, concerned for this familie’s children as well as their own, FINALLY found the courage to start reporting to DSS and the cops. Again, these were NOT “Get your A** in the house Yungin'” stuff but violent outburts toward children and pet by a former football player. IN fact, one pair of Highway Patrolmen, one of who’s grandparents live nearby, told me they’d WELCOME a “call”.
The cameras being “ready” to record, have been, in my belief, the catalyst for change. The outbursts, atleast outside have stopped. The boy’s coach got involved, and being a big man himself, read “DAD” the riot act I’m told.
All of this being taken into consideration, the 50 bucks I spent for a simple “wired” video system to WATCH for intrusion against me, my property,and my pets has worked!

NOW, unfortunately, the weirdo druggie neighbors are harrassing/stalking me because, well, that’s what they apparently do to people who they just decide they don’t like. It’s gotten pretty serious of late, with me not having lights thrown on me when I walk my dogs in my own backyard at night, to being tailgated by his large truck on the public roads. I’ve filed a “stay away” (from property) order with the local Sherrif’s dept. I have incident reports of having been cussed out in my own front yard for simply raising the hood of my car at 9am in the morning to adjust the idle (It’s a diesel Mercedes, not that noisy) YET I’ve never called on these people when they party all night. (That’s changing). I have called on the husband jumping in an out behind bushs with a pellet gun at 3:30am while he shot at passing animals. (He’s also shot into a neighbor’s yard at their cat, the shot richocheting(sp) and hitting their young daughter. The redneck duffuss father of that child just wanted to fight. “Don’t believe in callin’ no law” It wouldn’t have been that with MY kid I’m telling you!
Reports of the guy having a gun (he’s a fellon) and shooting between houses at dogs with a 22 rifle fleeing his yard (killing one ole lady’s lifelong pet who accidentally got out..The dog killed wasn’t in his yard at the time) The neighbors say they call the cops, but nothing is ever done. I found that the deputies to indeed be negligently lax BUT that didn’t and won’t stop me…When the husband started to follow me around, right on my bumper, I filed incident reports. County didn’t take them seriously, but a small town nearby did. I called SC Law Enforecement and the ATF. BOTH have taken it seriously. I now have enough evidence via calls and written incident reports to atleast file a request for a restraining order. AND yes, I’m adding some more cheapo cameras to the other side of my house. Not pointed at this guy, but the city street in front of my house, and in strategic locations around MY yard, in case I need proof if one of my dogs is hurt or killed (OR these duffuses think it’s all a joke and trespass for the helluva’ it).

Oh yea, a call to the local authorities saying if this guy starts shooting at anything between the houses real or imaginary, will be returned in “Self Defense” FINALLYn has the cops doing THEIR job of getting these public menances out of everyone’s lives and OFF our streets.

Video evidence is all one needs. Sorry about the long stories folks BUT there is a right and a WRONG way to do surveillance. In the case of the cameras pointed at YOU, “illegal surveillance” is the key word in other words, Video Peeping Tom.

Joe Dirt says:

Re: Malicious act of systematic harassment and intimid

You must be to chicken shit to talk to them. Seems you need to get some gumption to talk with the neighbor. If it fails then call the authorities. If you talk to him, he may move the camera down. But no, you are to chicken shit to talk. wow. Have you ever thought of the things that may have happend to the neighbor to put up the camera. Do not be stupid, just take pictures of the camera and the angle of the lense toward your backyard.

gina says:

Nosey neighbors

I am having a problem, I think my neighbors are video taping my house, i have 2 boys who play and sometimes things go in there yard, so know the have the cops at my house threanting my son………….. But i think they are viewing my house and is that against the law?
they hate kids, they won’t have any but it is becaue her husband is gay and they just live together to pay their bills. and to think they are 30 !!!
But i think i have a right, they could be using these tapes on the internet invading my privacy!!!!

Lee says:

Neighbors videotaping

I have a neighbor that has a surviellance camera pointed right at my house. I live in Georgia and would like to find out if this legal? If this is not legal they might as well stick a camera in my living room for their enjoyment! I am very angry about this and they are very retalient neighbors! Help me find something on this. Where is my privacy in my own home and on my own property.

Lori says:

We all seem to be in the same boat Lets do some th

We ,Like all of you have A–holes for neighbors!Lets start petition & send it to all of our Congressman & Senators By Mail & e-mail & phone calls Daily until we get a response 2008 is an election year so they will be trying to hear and do things to get elected. My gramar skills suck if any of you are educatated in this area and are willing to write a petition I will do my best to share it and get it signed Reading all of your comments makes me know we are not alone!!!!

Anonymous Coward says:

neighbors invading privacy

I live in an aparment building and I do belive that my privacy as well as others are being invaded. I am followed as I go to the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room, I can hear them above me as I go in and out of my apartment. They constanly harrass and taunt me in my own apartment. I have mentioned this to the landlord and she has done nothing. I belives she knows too. This has kept me having anxiety attacks and looking for another place. I would love advice on what to do. I am trying to find another place soon , even if its at a shelter just to leave this place.

D says:

neighbor continues harassment aft 7 years with las

It is amazing how much people get away with. Just 15 minutes ago my neighbor (borders my 2.5 acres) had his light on my house, sometimes he wakes me up in the middle of the night or as he has done in the past harasses me with it while I’m outside on my property. He has also taken to harassing a female neighbor who was a witness in one of my hearings. It takes the police 45 minutes to answer any calls here and no one takes it seriously. This is nothing compared to what he has done in the past. Recently I picked up a pair of what I believe are his eyeglasses on my property. He has trespassed numerous times also has been cited for vandalism. I’m a single female property owner. He has also had hearings regarding his behavior at work. The most frustrating part of this is that my female neighbor is afraid and doesn’t want to call–she calls me now. After documenting and calling police and hearings he still continues. I stopped calling the police for the last year.

John says:

"illegal surveillance"

Can’t you just get a laser pointer and point it at the camera?

Or on the motion activated cameras, put a motorized device in its field of vision to keep triggering the sensor?

I starting searching about rights and privacy because I constantly find food objects in my pool (funny I know) and I’ve had enough. I want to have video recording to catch these people but not at the expense of invasion of others personal privacy. What a dilemma.

Anita says:

The same thing has been happing to be.

I called the Police.I found a hole in the top of the cieling of where we would take a shower or bath.They have been stealing from me.I’m on disability though.And I’m afraid of them harming me at this point.I have no reason to be under survalance.I never been in trouble.I think they don’t want me moving in . Because I have a disability.
It is getting me very upset.

Anita Obertubbesing

Anita Obertubbesing says:

People Next Door

I wouldn’t call them neighbors.This guy is an Volunteer Fireman for Seaside Heights,Nj.And Is known that I have not been feeling well.He has dug tunnels under my house.,taped,Wire taped everthing.Has put Cameras in our house .And My daughters Grandmother was sick for a month and Passed away we had to take care of that.
But this guy and his family and acomplices has ransacked thehouse then took pictures,robbed us blind.We don’t have nothing.He took cans of change of peeies I saved.But I’m putting this on here because I’m an Epileptic and do take medication.I haven’t been able to eat for a couple weeks because of it.I have the flu.And if something happens to me I want it to be out there so he does not get away with it.The Cops will not do anything.

Anita Obertubbesing

Anita Obertubbesing says:

It don't seem To Stop!

I have a 26 year old Daughter and me alone at night.I think he is seriously tryinh to do some kind of harm.If he wants me not to be here because of a disabilitie which is pretty much o.k.,He is making it alittle worse now.I never though some one could invade your home with getting help from the Police.The Block I’m on is George Road in Toms River.A while ag

o a Police Offer Killed 2 Families and kept doing the same thing.And the Police shrugged it off as crazy stuff.This guy may be trying to rape my daughter.He is olderI want him to stay away from us.
Anita Obertubbesing
I’m afraid of this Man harming me or my Daughter.
Anita Obertubbesing

Glen says:

Stalking Neighbor

I have recently found that my neighbor downstairs is stalking me and has setup infra red cameras in my house and even has them outside on the property which he has not posted saying that there is serveilance – this guy is a creep and he sits home all day and does nothing , this guy is also into other men and whats worse is my wife is in on this also because she knows where the cameras are in exchange for letting this creep see in our house. I have called the police but they won’t do anything – this has me so furious I can’t even go to work or have a normal life and am considering a divorce with a very long travel distance. I also think my car and my phone is being tracked , I mean if someone is going to pry into your life – why only go half way especially if you’re already vulnerable. I suspect my wife of communicating with this guy but she denies any of it. Makes me think why she took my hand in marriage.

Karla Ward says:

Big Brother IS next door, in Mapleton, ND

Watch out Meth cookers, law enforcement HAS MOved INTO SMALL TOWN, USA to keep look-out for the manufacturers of methamophetamines. After ordering the diet drug “phentermine” for 10 years, I, too, have been under the watchful eye of big brother and wonder why they’ve not arrested me for this. Most of the pharmacies I’ve ordered from online eventually have been closed (or reopened under another name) however, after writing the ND Attorney General and finding out that it’s against the STATE AND FEDERAL law to order these on the internet, I’ve decided I’d rather be fat and lay around then sit in jail. Funniest thing of all, when I found three marijuana plants growing in different places in my yard, and my husband is still convicned that it was a “birdie” that dropped the three seeds and they began to grow. I pulled them and mowed over them and threw them in the trash. Good luck meth makers! watch out, you may be under the watchful eye of law enforcement.

sunni mcmilen says:

noisy neighbors/privacy law

My neighbors live at 789 west 80 street in hialeah florida
they put up secturty cameras that also show my back yard and front yard. I feel my privacy has been invaded.
I am think about sueing them for evaiding my privacy.
please give me your in put. always,sunni
the guy with the camers is
hector Laborde
786-597-8993 thoses are his phone number………

sunni mcmilen says:

noisy neighbors/privacy law

My neighbors live at 789 west 80 street in hialeah florida
they put up secturty cameras that also show my back yard and front yard. I feel my privacy has been invaded.
I am think about sueing them for evaiding my privacy.
please give me your in put. always,sunni
the guy with the camers is
hector Laborde
786-597-8993 thoses are his phone number………

sunni mcmilen says:

noisy neighbors/privacy law

My neighbors live at 789 west 80 street in hialeah florida
they put up secturty cameras that also show my back yard and front yard. I feel my privacy has been invaded.
I am think about sueing them for evaiding my privacy.
please give me your in put. always,sunni
the guy with the camers is
hector Laborde
786-597-8993 thoses are his phone number………

Kristina says:

Small Potatoes

i know this may seem like small potatoes, but we have a neighbor who watches us constantly, and does a phone tree around our community to tell people what we have been up to. We have a truck parked in teh community parking lot and the neighbors don’t think it should be there, so they have started putting old leaves and branches in teh back and putting stones in front of and behind the tires to see if we move the truck daily. It’s really unnerving to think she is watching us so closely she can tell the neighbors what time we turn out the lights, and if we were up during the night. Are there any laws against this. I know it is small potatoes compared to have people videotaping our home, but I am just looking for advise.

Eve says:

My next door neighbor is always watching us.

This is an outrage. I had to call the police on our neighbors for taking my picture all the time. I took them to court for a peace order in an act of privacy infringement. Afterwards, they installed a camera surveillance system on the side of their house to watch me and my son at all times. We have no privacy. The local police say they cannot do anything about it and are influence by the fact that the husband is a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy. I think there should be a law using a security camera system to watch my yard. I am a single mother, whom that man loves to watch me. He told the Judge that it was to protect them from me breaking into their home. Give me a break. If that is true then they should have it on their property to watch their windows and doors. Is there a law against this? Please respond. Enough is enough! E-mail me at:

Bertie (profile) says:

Re: My next door neighbor is always watching us.

Have cameras installed on your property pointing at they’re property. Install discreetly.Make sure he is not aware of the install. I am sure you will find him using more than his cameras to watch you. If you catch him doing the “peeping tom” or other inappropriateness, then you can use the law against him.

Eve says:

My next door neighbor is always watching us.

This is an outrage. I had to call the police on our neighbors for taking my picture all the time. I took them to court for a peace order in an act of privacy infringement. Afterwards, they installed a camera surveillance system on the side of their house to watch me and my son at all times. We have no privacy. The local police say they cannot do anything about it and are influence by the fact that the husband is a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy. I think there should be a law using a security camera system to watch my yard. I am a single mother, whom that man loves to watch me. He told the Judge that it was to protect them from me breaking into their home. Give me a break. If that is true then they should have it on their property to watch their windows and doors. Is there a law against this? Please respond. Enough is enough! E-mail me at:

Julia says:

I suspect that my neighbour is using video surveillance too. This is so crazy, that I can’t even garden in my own backyard or swim without being watched. This makes me so uncomfortable. If my suspicions will come true, my husband will confront him and we will call police. If they don’t help, we will install cameras on them and see how they will like it.

Chris says:

Landlord&Tenant's Surveillance

I am tormented everyday for the illegal viewing,and taping of my life. I don’t consider this to be my life anymore. What life I once did have has been made into and sold as pornographic videos. I’ve asked for help from everyone,police,f.b.i.,supposed friends,etc.I wish someone would help to put these people in prison.

Jim says:

Crazy neighbors

My wife and I have 2 crazy neighbors. The mother lives on one side of us and the daughter lives on the other side of us. They have made up many, many untruths about me. They have called the police on me 10 times and have spread untruths to my other neighbors! Had lawyers send me letters! They are a nightmare! I pleaded to the police that I have done nothing wrong to deserve this treatment! They suggested I mount security cameras in my trouble areas. So, i did. Within 3 days after mounting the cameras the mother called the police with more false reports about me. This time she was screwed! I played back the video and proved my she was telling many untruths about me. The police were shocked! Then, 30 days after I mounted cameras, one of the cameras in our back-yard caught the daughter spraying our trees, flowers, and bushes with weed poison. Then, she sprayed some of her own small trees and called the police and said, I had been spraying and sprayed her trees. Again, video evidence was on my side! That happened in July of 2008. I have had no trouble from them since! Thank God! My opinion is sometimes video evidence is needed to clear your name, as in my case. Now, someone pointing cameras at someone else house, property, for no reason what-so-ever is another story.

Marie says:

Private Investigators as neighbours

I was in a T-Bone car accident and now I have my neighbours watching my house 24/7 I think they maybe Private Investigators but not sure. What can I do to stop them from following me at the park and watching my every move. I cannot get better with them constantly around and they make it pretty obvious sometimes.

Joe says:


I have an aunt that has some crackhead neighbors. my aunt had put up a video camera and tried to turn in the neighbors with the video evidence of them MAKING and using the drugs. The case was denied because her “video evidence” is recording the neighbors property, this yes, is an “invasion of privacy”. The only way you can even produce evidence of ANYTHING is when its on your own property or if there is reasonable cause by the police department with search and seizer. No matter what your neighbors are doing, they have the right to privacy. If you see someone murdered or raped, that’s a whole different story. If the neighbor is a peeping tom or just an annoyance with “telling you they have proof of your kids blowing stuff up in your backyard, you have the upper hand because its only incriminating evidence to your neighbor, not you. Its all about the “Video Angle”. You are allowed to record everything that happens withing your property and you are able to use that as legal say. BUT, if you are angled outside your property line, you can not use this as any evidence until there is reasonable cause by the police, and even then its up to the court if they want to accept it as evidence. Keep in mind, this is Colorado i’m talking about.

Jen says:

neighbors invading privacy

I have the same problems with my neighbors. Some crazy woman moved across the street with her daughter who has bullied my daughter all year all school. First, she just watched us with binoculars, but when I complained to the apartment manger and called the police, I was told that if you have your windows open or are outside you forfeit your right to privacy according to the law. After time went by, they began spreading untrue rumors about me, and told people in detail how many times she changed her clothes each day, and what outfit she put on when she was planning what to wear to school the next day. They knew what we ate each night at supper, and went as far as trying to have me arrested for carrying “strange bottles” to my apartment all the time. I was buying Gatorade. When I put aluminum foil over all my windows, she began threatening us. We were granted a temporary restraining order.

In some states, stalking is illegal, but you have to have a lot of evidence to prove it. You have to document everything. Take pictures. Install your own cameras. Invite people over, a lot of people. Show them what is going on so you have witnesses. The police will not do anything unless you have proof, and even then
its hard to get them to do much unless there have been threats or someone gets hurt. It is sad, but that’s how it works here. You are better off hiring an attorney or talking to the prosecutor in your county. They can tell you what the laws are, and give you information on how to protect yourself. Don’t lose your temper around anyone. They will try to make it look like you’re crazy and paranoid. That’s what happened to me at first.

When you report invasion of privacy issues you have to be careful about how you word things. Most people will think your crazy, but if you tell them what you have seen, and have a picture and/or witness to back you up it helps. Document what is happening for a while. There are devises you can buy online and at radio shack that can block surveillance. There are devises that detect wireless and wired bugs, phone taps, etc. There are also things called jammers that disable wireless spy equipment.

Have fun with them. My lawyer at one point told me to buy poster board, draw hands with middle fingers sticking up, and hang them in the windows. One of my friends told me to scratch my butt and smell my hands constantly. Do crazy things that will get them talking about things are have no legal right to see. Get them to tell on themselves.

Hiring a private investigator is an option too.

I am still fighting this mess, but I finally have enough people listening to me and helping me, so hopefully this spying/stalking mess will be over soon.

Pragmatist says:

To all you people with horror stories...

To everyone waking up shaved, gassed, harassed, having sound piped into your home and being watched every free moment in the “privacy” of your publicly viewable yard, try this…

Try *embracing* the technology you would so readily villify. If there is harassing behavior going on, the best way to stop it would be to document it on camera. Sh*t or get off the pot.

I myself have video/still motion detection cameras facing forward and back on the car I drive every day. It’s comical to post peoples reactions as they pass the back of my truck; it’s even funnier to see the comments people post when these photos are posted online.

Is it illegal? Not when the images are captured from a public location. Deal with it, folks… next time you’re walking through a parking lot there may be more than the businesses cameras looking at you.

In Rural America says:

Stalking neighbors

I have lived a with a stalking “Christian” neighbor for 8 years. We have been through the ringer with them. They have cameras pointing at our house where we park our car and yes a bathroom window and our balcony. It’s a long story but we have complained to everyone about it our attorney, sherrif, judge and etc. Gone to court they had better attorney than us and made us look stupid although they had no proof for their alligation NO not even videos. They have been asked to removed them but nothing has changed. I no longer have any money to fight it anymore. I’m beside myself I live in a rural area and live like we are in jail. This is not fair.

jim myers says:

Nosy Neighbors and Urban Stalking

WHen I first began to notice something amiss in my daily life and how the subtle differences in daily activities was becoming more and more Obvious, I went to the internet. There I was exposed to far too many sites and commentaries which rambled on over and over about the same incredible scenarios, but went nowhere with it. It’s The Government…Remote Viewing..Gang Stalking… Psychotronics ( which was my favorie fo the lot, pretty much)… Satellite Viewing…etc…
These sites go on and on and on and feature very little hope to the reader. It is like going to a horror movie that is truly disturbing, and then you are living in it. WHich makes all of this info ( and disinfo) sort of a Brainwash in itself.
I have since discovered a few things that have both Put me at peace with all of it…and also effected me adversely equally so. But it is much better to understand somewhat what is going on, than it is sufferring like before, wondering who? Why? What? THe Hell is doing this. The WHY is the most disturbing question. The darkest part is usually the Answer!
My advice to all… Treat the problem as if ..well, perhaps it is a sort of Disease that is part of you. YOu live with it, …deal with it, and try to take better care of yourself. Worrying will only bribg about sufferring and probable death. Definitely psychological issues will flow from the well of worry.
Just realize…It is NOT YOU…who is being followed around by “neighbors”…or “aliens”… well…not specifically, in 99% of the cases. It is everyone. And if you become all-too-aware of this phenomenon, then it will BECOME YOU, who is targeted specifically. It is equal opportunity viewing and it is performed by..well…people who have been arounf for quite a long time. And they run this planet the way it must be run.
WIth the info you get on the net and all the hype, they can actually manipulate this state of concern into a situation of anarchy and hysteria…which they would capitalize on fully, and many lives would be lost, yet they would still be in control, the truth never being told to the public.
Best thing to do is…Relax. Take a deep breath… Live your lives as if nothing is wrong. When they send their signal to let you know their presence, just know it is a simple person making noise..they do not know what they are doing. It isn;t them that decided to make that sound. When you have fear, your frequency changes, and you become like a videogame or tv monitor, and this energy actually creates the very things that are freaking you out. And it will always keep going. I finally STOPPED GIVING A SHIT.
THis went on for years. THen one day something happened and I wound up falling down some stairs and broke a rib ( some guy was standing near a staircase , tapping his foot, with a cell phone pointing at me, I tripped when I saw him.. At that point, I realized, IT’s OVER. Since then, the answers have come in different forms. SOmetimes I stil hear and see things that would seem to indicate those Synchronous Happenings from, before. But I simply DO NOT pay it a second though. And am blessed with a WAY nicer life these days that what I sufferred for several years in distress.
Ignore…….And Conquer! No…forget is not the right mindset. Be at Peace With…MAKE PEACE with “your tormentors”…and they will not have your fear to drive them on. It is not Money they need for their operation…It is Strong EMOTION..PERIOD! Fear and Sexual Impulse being at the top their list of suppliers of energy.
Food for thought. Sincerely, Jim Myers.

jim myers says:

Nosy neighbor surveillance

I posted a comment 2 hours ago and described something that happened that ultimately helped me to overcome a peculiar type of “harrassment” that occured for several years straight.
I mentioned there was a man standing at the top of a staircase and that I fell when I saw him.
What had happened was..I live in a nice condo complex… and I had gone out to the was late at night and the pool area was closed. It is a great time to enjoy a nice, peaceful sit in the sauna without others coming along while you are there. Anyway, afterward ,, I got out and was walking back to our unit. I heard what sounded like idiots clowning around and mumbling something “There he goes,toward the stairs”. And a follow-up comment. I wanted to see who might have said this, or what they might do if I go somewhere else other than straight home. Keep in mind, that is what the whole thing with this harrassment
issue seemed to be…A GAME, perpetrated by others…pretty much everywhere I went. As if I ws not ALLOWED to have privacy or time to be alone. And their tactics were basically designed to “Let him KNOW you are there” , as they had particular movements and sounds that would easily be identified as Signals. Blatant…Obvious… Yet others close to me could see a Purpouse or design about it, and thought I was possibly “losing it”. They could not understand where my concerns were coming from. i am a skilled musician…Bass Player ( standup and electric). ANd I am VERY sensitive when it comes to the TIMING of things. It was the Synchronous Activity that first got my attention, and it got worse as time wore on.
When I was at the Staircase leading to the Parking Lot under the complex, I went in and sat on the steps. I started to read a magazinwe that I was looking at while in the spa. Then I heard the footsteps. SO I awaited to see if someone would enter the staircase, knowing that someone was bound to walk in…a guarantee, since I was literally NOT ALLOWED to have a moment where they were not “watching me”. I know, it sounds pretty paranoid. I am NOT a paranoid person by nature. Yet I did become quite paranoid, perhaps, regarding these ” Games” that were going on. WHen I say games, it really was a battle of wills. I swear, if I was to drive out to the middle of the desert in the cold of night, and park…and just sit, thinking I was all alone..FINALLY ALL ALONE. I guarantee you, a car would have appeared on the horizon, cruising fast at first..Then it would slow down. Then, at about 50 yards or so from it , it would stop. People would get out…and it would be as though their car had a flat tire, or overheated…etc. For whatever reason, they would stop there. And simply proceed to make their Stupid the sound of breaking glass… the “hucking” sound people make to clear their throats, which , for some reason, I find more offensive than burps and farts)… Their conversations are always disjointed, and they are NEVER talking about themselves. Always a third party. Seriously, if you TRY to listen comprehensively, to their conversations, you will NOT be able to understand it. And that is for a reason. Of course, when trying to explain this to anyone, they will first think of WHAT IS WRONG here? in reference to the mental state of the attacked.
SO don;t bother telling people about it. I told my wife for awhile…she wasn;t really understanding. Then she started to believe me. THen she noticed very odd occurrences wherever she went. Then…well, we BOTH had to undergo this for several years.
The guy at the staircase…oh, yeah…let us not forget him …which I am inclined to do as he means very little to me nowadays… I heard footsteps. But after over a minute, they continued, but noone was to be seen. I said TO HELL WITH IT, and got up pto return to the condo…That is when…and they were not expecting this..I turned around abruptly, and there he was. Some cornhole was standing just outside the slightly ajar door, TAPPING THEIR FOOT on the ground, while staring in with a cell phone pointing at me. I slipped and went crashing down the stairs. After about 10 seconds, the guy walked right by me..I could NOT MOVE, I was in shock. And he simply mumbled something like, ” Whoa, that’s quite a fall” or some aloof statement like that….with his phone still pointing at me as he WALKED OVER me!
As I said…If this is occurring in your life, it probably seems like A GAME. They do not touch you…they do not DIRECTLY hurt you…but they DO by way of torment and confusion. They seem to be police-like operatives, which they are not.
Seriously, the best thing to do is learn to get by WITHOUT
WORRYING…without stopping to LISTEN or OBSERVE the synchronous happenings around you. Just tell yourself..They are the sounds of Nature. No Matter how hard it is. you must do this. I found it to be QUITE EASY, actually. THat is when some strange coincidences led me to various answers that I could not obtain when under attack.
They were NOT answers I really wanted to hear…but what they were DID, in fact, bring me a sense of peace, knowing it was nothing personal and that NO ONE was personally out to get ME, per se. They are there. They are doing their thing. And it is NOT the government. Or , at least, NOT the GOvernment, as I , or we, understand it to be. And they are UNBALANCED in their sense of justice. It is not justice they seek at all. It is chaos, which is the only force that drives them. It is all they know, because they were abandoned that way. The only proper b alance to achieve in Justice would be to USE their tactics in a way that you MAKE YOUR OWN LIFE ***BETTER*** from it. Give up certain vices, train your thoughts to structured, good, positive thoughts about the future…do not dwell on the past or the feelings of guilt and unaccomplished visions will be their channel of operandi. If you do dwell on the past, then begin building on those unaccomplished goals, and bring them to fruition. In doing so, these …hmmm, I will use some religious symbology here, since it really is HELL when you’re under attack. In doing what I just said, you can turn these unbalanced “demons”, if you will…
and they become as Angels, because they HELPED you to realize a better life for yourself. You tip the scales in your favor, and the unbalanced extremes of…(Justice?)..well, ..they will simply move on to the next unwary person who is sensitive to their presence.
I hope this helps. There is no way to describe it , really. I am being a little bit vague, yet very imformative at the same time. I want to focus on the positive, not the negative. I have seen shit that would really cause a stir in humanity, if everyone was to uncover it at the same time. Chaos would ensue. So I urge that folks do not go looking in the darker corners of the Earth for answers to this trend of paranoia that is in vogue these days. THis has been going on for a LONG time. It is nothing new. It is just that, with the electronic age, man’s vision can stretch further into the dark than ever before. The Elders did not have electronic gadgetry, thus they were able to look into the LIGHT, as opposed to the Dark..which is supplied by Material Wizardry and plastic, short-lived Technological breakthroughs OF THE MOMENT. Thus, they have very little, if NO Soul, at all.
I hope this helps SOMEBODY out there. SIncerely, JIM.



katrina leonard says:

My neighbors are spying on us with wireless rermot

i went through the same thing and was set up and my house, vehicles and money computer ect.. was taken from me, they put cameras in my house and made it look like i was doing something wrong as a vendetta and ex husband trying to get custody of child. trying to prove it, but i think local police are involved

sharon says:

I'm fed up - are you?

i would do the same thing back to them and let them know thats what you’re doing i think they are doing this just to ennoy you to get your goat know what i mean? So i would give them the run for the money and i would bring over some gang members or someone who looks mean and live it up and just laugh over it cause it’s a game wicked people play call the police every chance you can for harrassment complaints and get a advice from a lawyer.Just don’t get into trouble yourself.just trying to help here

Joe says:

Videos pointing over tall privacy fences

I have an 8 foot board on board privacy fence and no houses have windows that look into my yard so it is completely private. Thankfully I’ve got great neighbors on the side that shares the common side of my fence as well as on the other side. I would however be beyond upset if someone put a camera above the 8 ft fence line and pointed it down into my yard to take pictures of my private yard. When you have a completely private backyard I think you have reasonable expectation of privacy in that yard which is different that if you go out in your front yard. If anyone pointed cameras above my 8 ft fence line down into my yard which is not a security risk to them since it is my secure yard, I’d put up something to block the cameras or else shoot/damage them.

Jess (profile) says:

I'm fed up - are you?

Dave, can you let us know what city/state you live in? Would be very interested to know the outcome of this. Your situation is my biggest fear. I’ve made a point of buying houses with 8 foot board on board privacy fences with no neighbors windows looking into my backyard. I’m a bit of a privacy hound. Thankfully my current neighbors who share the one shared side of my 8 foot fence are nice people who also like privacy so we’ve got agreements to call each other if we have contractors that will be on the roof, trees, etc. But I shudder to think what life would be like if they were like your neighbor. I think there need to be laws against this type of invasion of privacy. If you have a private backyard that no one can see into, having someone put a camera up on a roof or pole just to look into your private backyard is an invasion of your privacy and your peaceful enjoyment of your home. I would hope the city and the law would be on your side. Please let us know how it goes.

invadedinMidlothian says:

Video Camera Surveillance...

Our neighbor uses one single surveillance camera attached to their roof and pointed at our yard and pool to record all our movements and our minor children. The police have seen it and asked them to move it because it doesn’t record or observe their own yard but they have refused. The police said it isn’t illegal because a yard (even with an 8′ privacy fence) is considered a public place. We put up a fence to screen our patio and have planted trees and bushes around the pool but they just moved the camera higher and still record our yard. SICKO’s.

(Anonymous) says:

My neighbors are spying on us with wireless rermot

My neighbors are also spying on me. They engaged in a smear campaign against me and have half the block paranoid. Microscopic surveillance nanotechnology (probably ID-Dust) is being spread all over my outdoor property and car during nightly intrusions by these neighbors. I am harassed by people honking around my house and following me wherever I walk, or my car goes. The cops also think that I’m nuts and I have a hard time getting protection. However, I have an RF Signal Detector II, from Brickhouse Security, that can detect the signals that these devices give off. I’m currently waiting for an RF Signal Jammer from the same company that I bought the detector from. I suggest that you good folks do the same. In addition, you should know that most surveillance devices are vulnerable to being destroyed by strong laser pointers being pointed into their lens. An electronics center should carry them. IMPORTANT!: However, make sure that you protect your eyes from the laser light being reflected back into your face. Good Luck!

S Phillips (profile) says:

filming NFH

I was harassed and abused and had my garden ruined for 2 and a half years by my lunatic neighbour before I put a camera in my window. It’s in plain sight not hidden and has stopped her in her tracks. I feel safer and so do my other normal neighbours who were also being affected by her behaviour.
Very few honest people have a problem with security cameras.

Alan Swanstrom says:

Malicious act of systematic harassment and intimid

WE agree he’s an ASS! We have a woman at the front of our easement who has placed a camera on the only entry & exit to our home, the only one behind her. We believe it to be harassment and a form of hate crime against us because our grandchild is a Juv. reg. Sex offender. We put up signs and she always wins with the cops coming and bitching at us. She runs a daycare but we were here first, he has done nothing to her. Her name is Rocio Gannaway from Peru, dumped the american husband. We Americans have no rights. We believe it will cause theft on our home only and may have already.

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

do you really think you would be safer if we were under camera servalance? how about if you were locked up in a paded room in a straightjacket,you would be safe from yourself and others. police agencies and our goverment are not doing their constitutionaly mandated duties but are doing the bidding of the corperate monopolies,we used to have nofault insurance,where you could take out a poicie if you felt you needed it to protect your assets if you could afford it. because of corperate lobbiest they take away your right to travel,unless you meet this corporate mandate .now we have to have checkpoints to see if our seatbelts are secured,our helmets are properly approved,have we been drinking,ect,without probical cause my point is inorder to have a free society we also have a certine amount of risk factor in it. those who would give up freedome for security diserve niether. its time for us to fire the corupt publiic servent from all parties and do the job ouselves untill we find replacemets. read the declaration of independance,if i had to explaine you wouldent

Erin says:

stalking neighbors

Wait till they go out of town or for the evening (wear a hood and all black inccluding shoes go over and rip their gdamn camera out.

I have neighbors who have pulled an all time low. We thought we could trust the ass we allowed to watch our home when we went out of town. Came home and found every drawer in the house gone through and this ass was running to leave and The neighbors came into our home thinking they could without any breaking of the law because they paid him to let them in!! They are THAT nosey. This invasion of our privacy has gone on for 15 yrs now and they lie on my husband’s federal background investigation hoping he will get fired, they have taunted him and if I come down with a terminal illness I’m sure all can guess where I’m heading, but ooo no I won’t kill anyone I’d just stick them in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives!

colleen greathouse says:

This is just typical Mike blather

My nabors have been watching with camera and whatever else for well over a year almost two now started the week they moved into the naborhood even made it a point to be sure I knew they were at first I was in fear I have 3 smalls kids and my boyfriend works out of town a lot as it went on almost daily I decided they’d soon get bored and move on I work 6 days a week and tend to 3 small kids my life is not exciting why watch now its been almost two year they watch atevery. Private monets they can mostly when I shower now I can’t prove it but I figure fight fire with fire if they spy on me then maybe I can spy on them and get the proof to warn all my other nabors this to me is a form of sexual assult and its went on so long that I honestly believe it will esulate one day if not with me with someone else

colleen greathouse says:

stalking neighbors

I felt the same way with my nabors they’ve watched me inside my home for almost two years during this time I tried to see what rights I have when it comes to the law all I’ve found out is there not a lot the law can or will do if they r doing it from the privacy of there own home for two years I’ve tolerated it my sugestion (how I’m gonna handle my nabors) fight fire with fire, buy ur self ur own cameras and whatever else might help and document them watching u. Then with ur proof I would inform everyone that lives. Around u just what it is they r up to also who knows what u might learn about there life that just might come in handy to make them stop

colleen greath says:

Neighbor stalking

Ud be surprized how little the law will do in cases like this their hands r pretty much tied and if they r vidieoing u and been for awhile no telling how much more they could be doing check out the spy gaggets they make that u can buy for ease dropping as well as watching and because its ur nabor they can not only watch u but listen to ur every private conversation I’m dealing with the same issue been for two yrs which sounds crazy because my life is anything but exciting ud think they’d got bored by now but although the law might be unable to help u regain peace of mind u can stop it fight fire with fire its just as easy for u to buy these spy items and just as impossable for the cops to stop u from watching them from ur home maybe ull get something u canuse to put them in jailbut. Ull definately be able to gather all the proof u should need to inform all of ur nabors just how creepy and sick they r everyone around u has they right to know what it is ur nabor is doing and that it could be them next if not already as I see it this is stalking you which is a crime and though u can get help from the cops like every other crime it will one day esculate intosomething more serious who know just how far they might be willing to go it might not happen to u but even if they stopped today they r simply going to move to someone new and if they r not stopped

colleen greathouse says:

Malicious act of systematic harassment and intimid

I had no ideal this sort of stuff is so u my nabors have enjoyed stalking me from the comfort of their own home for almost two years now and though so many people comment is y worry if ur not doing anything wronge well ur right about what u saiid who knows what he might do with the vidieos he recording it doesn’t matter if they r doing it from their own home rather then public stalking is still stalking the only differents with them doing it from their home is the cops hands r pretty much tied when it comes to helping u stop it. They make over a thousand different spy items they sell over the net from pretty cheap to ones that do a lot more for a little more money if they r vidieoing u they could be doing a lot more then that without ever leaving their yard try fighting fire with fire get u some spy toys and get as much proof as u can that they r doing this they even sell items that u can sit in ur home and ease drop on their everyprivate conversation who knows what u might over hear and record they could help u prove and stop what they r doing I know they say don’t stup to their level but it might save ur life or ur family now I can’t tell u that it has helped me to stop my nabor stalker but that’s only because I have three kids and no extra money just laying around but as soon as I get paid this week is when ill start getting spy items to stop them. Uve gotta think odd r they have done me before to someone else and if not stopped after u they will do it again and like all crimials the longer they do it and get away with it the farther they’ll take it with what they r doing already its not sohard to assume that one day they could commit sexual assult or even worse then if u can’t get the cops to help with. The proof u get take it to every nabor around u warn them what’s going on before long everyone will know what they r doing and begin paying attention to them all eyes on them it’ll keep others safe and maybe help u to once again enjoy peace of mind as u family sleeps at night

jennifer says:

My neighbors are spying on us with wireless rermot

I SWEAR I know exactly what ur talking about…..everyone thinks I’m crazy but I know I’m not….just remember u must b pretty powerful and they must be chicken shit if it takes more than one to mess with u….only scared people hide when they are messing with someone…if they had any balls at all they would walk up to ur front door and knock & face u but no….. they decided to hide like lil girls & mess with u…. U must be very powerful and they are scared of u… just laugh & turn up the radio as loud as u can or buy a signal jammer….. That’s what I did

shuba says:


Idiot, cameras are so high tech now somone could have one on their front porch and literally watch you make love to your wife across the.street or next door, thats not an invasion of privacy?, if somehow of you masterbating were to make it on the web, yoy wouldnt care or feel invaded think about it, some pedi could be filming your children, your a sick fuk

Anonymous Coward says:

This has been very enlightening. I never realized how many crazy people there are in the world with internet access. Good thing I’m not one of them. I dont have any problems with nosy neighbors with cameras. I’m only being stalked by aliens with anal probes,the CIA with bugging devices, and the devil with lasers. Oh, and Al Queada is trying to kill me with anthrax. I find white powder in the bottom of my lemonade and cool-aid and sometimes in the bottom of my tea glass at resturaunts. At least I have my sanity,right?

mamamia (profile) says:

I hate that my neighbors are constantly moving their cams around trying to get the best view. As we block one view they move it again. Im so disgusted. Please check out my petition to stop the use of cameras facing private properties and please sign!

Chrissy in Ohio says:

Asshole people

I just realized I’m being stalked by neighbors. I hope their eyes fall out their heads. It’s sick. I’m married with children, and work from home. I mind my own business. My life isn’t exciting at all. I. Don’t understand why they feel the need to do that. I’ve been followed to doctors appointments, the store, you name it. My computer was hacked and monitored for 2 yrs or longer. My private conversations, sex with my husband, everything put out there. Since my address is out there, strange people have been stopping by. I can’t sit outside without cars slowing up to look at me, or strange people walking by. People are showing up at my kids bus stop. One of my daughter just started high school, and I take her to the bus stop and wait with her. I don”t trust anyone. I’ve been slandered and defamed. I think they’re saying I’m a crackhead. I’ve never smoked crack in my life. I’ve smoked marijuana before, but I ‘ve never been on crack. Nor have I prostituted. I think they also think we sell drugs, which we never have. My husband has been at his job 21 yrs. I’ve been with my job 16 yrs and have worked from home with this same corporation for 5. We are black and this is a predominately white neighborhood. This may have a lot to do with. When we bought the house one of the neigjbors asked me if I had received assistance. Then he said if he knew the house was for sale, he would have bought it. I’m sure he knew. It seemed a tad bit racist to me. He’s a retired cop. I think he has a lot to do with the neighborhood stalking. I forgot to mention the online stalking and harassment as well. I offended an Internet radio host as well. After that the stalking went into full throttle. I can’t mention what’s happening there. I’d be looked at as crazy. I have been threatend with death also. It’ really out of hand, to the point where I have to buy a gun, change locks, and buy security cameras. I have children and I will protect them at all cost. I sick of these disgusting people. I know my life is boring, but there life must be really pathetic.

AR says:

Neighbor harassing us for 10 years

Hi all, I have had a neighbor harassing us for 10 years and we have gone to court because he pressed harassing charges on us and we did not do anything to him, he is the one that came to my house at 5:30 am him and his wife and verbal attracted me with threats and accusations and then 2 weeks later we were served with a Injunction prohibiting harassment. The police will not help or court help so I went out and bought a Security Camera. I have mine pointing toward the driveway gate it does pickup activity from this neighbor. He has watched us drive up to our property and stares at us and the camera has caught this. He has also verbal attacked my husband when he came home from work one day. I use our camera for evidence aginst him if he every wants to take us to court agine. I don’t trust this neighbor at all and he made the threat that he would do something to our property and he has also recruited another neighbor to also harass us as well. This is why I do not trust this neighbor and why the camera is up.

c k r says:

neighbor's video surveillance

as long as your neighbors are not posting videos of you in a public forum that violates any laws in your state they can have surveillance as long as they post signs. However do not be surprised if you try to turn in your surveillance to the police if they refuse to view criminal activity on your surveillance. Even more so if the police are friends with the criminals you are trying to report. Now the real kicker: when the police start charging you with harassment for having video surveillance because your neighbors have called them so many times because of your surveillance. Even more shocking is when the neighbors beat you up and the police dismiss all charges for the neighbor beating you up. In this day and age all criminal dockets are public but the magisterial judge that dismissed all charges is also capable of disappearing all dockets regarding the dismissed charges.

wombat (profile) says:

This is just typical Mike blather

check this out! this is how much people who want to can spy on you 24/7 and for a nominal fee resell what they see on line on some private website.
There is no sign in Vanessa’s speech that points to insanity, and the response comment from Jess is full of condescension and ignorance. Aimed to hurt, but why would you Jess want to hurt someone you don’t know, someone who is so obviously full of anxiety and needs help. How evil. perhaps you are one these people I am talking about.
There is a big motivator for common people with a criminal or immoral psychology to do this to regular people. MONEY. Just like your average family has their porn and pay a dutiful 30 or whatever a month with their cable subscription that includes porn,(I don’t have cable) so these voyeurs will pay money to spy on the neighbors. There are circuits of these people who take a young woman, or older woman, and spy on them and do whatever. Once a person is in the circuit, hundreds of them participate and get off on affecting the life of the target,they vandalize their cars so as to keep them broke, they follow them around in their town and make motions to let them know they can see them and hear them thus trying to produce a paranoid state, provoke them everywhere they go and if nothing they actually enter your living area where they set up tiny cameras which require batteries, they call your employer they create gossip, because they get off in watching the girl suffer, this are the sadist voyeurs., and so on in their many varieties, because if you listen to your neighbors telephone calls you ARE a VOYEUR,(sick) They make people participate because once you click on their website or link you are accessory to an illegal activity. So Jess sorry to bust your ignorant blissful bubble, and truly wish this does not happen to you. Unless you like porn it is very hard for common people without technical hacking skills to investigate, you get losts in reels and reels of genitalia and sickness trying to find where it is. Anyone under the influence of this horrible people need professional help.

So this horrible story of Vanessa needs to be investigated, but the police will do nothing it is true. She needs a base of $10,000. dollars to hire an internet technology detective. Vanessa story is not the only one. Victims are all with the same background, isolated without a support system of friends and family.

They target recluses, volatile characters (people who get angry easily) such as the “customer service” angry people on youtube, or the exposed wives screaming at their bad husbands. they set them up, provoke them and they film them and put them on you tube and people go gawk and click and there is a five cents times however many times, can be thousands and thousands of dollars.

They target immigrant girls who come to the country and have no support system.
WAKE UP people, America is sick. those of you from another time think this only happens to celebrities. I feel terrible for Vanessa and I wish I could help but only money helps.

The web sites are hidden within websites. Some are off shores where they can collect money and never be found. It is the PORNO INDUSTRY and of course the millions of voyeurs in the USA

Bill Farmer (profile) says:

This is just typical Mike blather

Mike is correct. Home surveillance cameras are often misused. While they are intended to watch your own property, lots of people are using them to spy on their neighbors. While cameras used in public places, by stores, and such, are quite useful. Home systems should only be installed by professionals with a license, to make sure that you are not abusing your neighbors right to privacy. Do-it-yourself video systems should not be allowed to be sold in stores. I took my neighbor to court and had him fined for having 4 fixed video cameras on his roof aimed solely at my backyard, and my back porch, over the top of my 8 foot privacy fence. While he can stand with a camcorder aimed at your property all day long if he wanted to, believe-it-or-not, he can not have a fixed video camera aimed at your property.

Elsie Chin says:

Abuse of CCTV in neighbourhood

I totally agree with you. It’s hard to find the demarcation between proper use and abuses of CCTV installed by residence themselves. Like i said, here in my country law regarding this issue is volatile. Its very contentious when it comes to whether a question is to security with the CCTV or encroaching on neighbor’s privacy. Why can’t the relevant govt dept sanction a law against CCTV installation by individuals @ home? Is’nt the police dept the one to install CCTV and ensure the public’s safety? People who install in their own accord are simply being too cavil and captious

cristy royea says:

the neighbor hood watch lady that lives one street up is watching my house

this woman thinks shegreater than god she has her back survilance camera pointed at my house in the front watching who comes in and out of my house she calls the cops on us or code inforcement to try to get us find im tired of being herassed most of the time its not even us doing anything wrong some one will come over thats ridding a four wheeler and she will call the cops she watchs my kids points at them one my son is walking to the bus and talks to other neightors about them i have not done anything to her cops are stopping teenagers that are walking do the road to others peoples house to becouse of her and there getting fed up and acouple of older kids went and vanalized her house because of what she is doing it is herassment by her.

kevin doherty says:

peep n toms / gay man is liking me,i have no life!

I have a federal bug in my body the 12 time since 2001. I am being messed with, like nobody else.every door I open is closed,if I was to hire a painter he would brick up the entrance to my bathroom.the government is a tuff nut to say the phone is tapped, and I will be surprised if you get this neighbor is harassing beyond anything you could even understand,there have been attempt on life, what can I do?help me man.

Mark (user link) says:

Video Surveillance

If you are doing nothing wrong, then you don’t need to worry about being watched. I just did legal research on our laws in Ohio. My drug dealing neighbor’s boyfriend was arrested, but she was not.
She knows that I have video camera in my window. Several druggies have moved out as well. In Ohio you can video surveill your neighbor, your car, and your property as long as you do not use it to commit a crime.

Of course the camera will pick up other activity. Cockroaches will not come out in the light.

Elsie Chin says:

CCTV survelliance

demarcation lies? If individuals shod install CCTV to curb crimes, should we then might as well carry guns and pistol around since crime is everywhere? Should we be empowered to kill or hang anyone who commit a crime? Even judges and lawyers study lugubriously to attain their licence to judge. So elaborating on the advantages of a CCTV installation does’nt efface the fact that CCTV usage should be @ the individuals freewill.

Anonymous Coward says:

No privacy from a man next door

There is a man living next door to me that films everything coming and going and runs down the street to film people and the police without their knowledge. He has sunglasses that have a video cam in them.

He mentioned his high sex drive to me out of the blue without anyone’s personal sex drive being discussed (very odd and totally creepy).

He was even filming children without their consent or their parent’s consent and I had to stop him.

No one has any privacy and it is horrible to know you are always on candid camera 24/7. Just wretched!

And, it is not that you are even doing anything wrong. It is just the thought of possibly being a part of someone’s possible freakish perversion without your consent and being violated even if you are not. It is the most horrible way to live.

We are probably going to be moving as there is no comfort whatsoever here. Also, he was messing with cables or wires attached to my house twice without my consent on ladders. I walked outside one day and he was on a ladder right outside my back door messing with my light that was out. I did not ask him to and he never even asked me. He was just creepily there.

When I told him to stay away and that it was creepy that he discussed his high sex drive with me when we first met, he told me that “I” have a filthy mind and “I” am a filthy woman because I do not want him to discuss his sex drive and do not want him around me. He said I twisted his words.

Four people including my son and my landlord have told him to stay away from me and where I live and guess what? He did it again just the other day. Harsher punishment for these types of violations need to be in place. I have been violated numerous times and he will not stop.

It is not just me though. He has a history of doing this and he is doing this to everyone. He has like some sort of creepy thoughts on sex, wants to watch people 24/7 and has some sort of authority issues. Creepy!

People are so quick to outlaw guns even when responsible people own them. Well, where is the banning law for cameras and people who do this? It creates great stress in the victim’s life and in the lives of the family that want it to stop. It is a misdemeanor and to catch him doing it, you have to become him. Really frustrated over this. It is just totally psycho.

sanders emily says:

My neighbors are spying on us with wireless rermot

i dont really think its your nieghbors i am also expierencing similar harrasments like you its called satellite and technology harrasment ,nueral remote monitoring ,gang stalking. voice to skull.invasion of privacy and harrasment from technology .eaves dropping,www.QUWAVE,comremote viewing emf,psychrotronic attacks,if anything you are lucky you have not expierievced the constant verbal abuse you can hear talking come from the ac unit when you yurn on the vent in the kitchen

Kay says:

Unwanted Odd Attention from Others:

I don’t want to seem like i am accusing anyone of anything. I think the problem i have is in a very gray area.I have occurrences in my life that lead me to think i may be being watched or monitored because somehow strangers and neighbors do things that make me think this is true.

How does someone who does not live with you or know you, somehow know your schedule in order to make noises to get your attention when your out of their sight distance? Or out in public, how is it that it seems like strangers acknowledge you with a noise upon your arrival at an establishment or they take notice after the fact? Why would anyone act odd repeatedly to get your attention at all? Nobody cares about anyone else in this world to this extent. People are usually in their own worlds doing their own things and most of the time oblivious or unaware.

But there are no video cameras, no electrical equipment of any kind that is visible anywhere on our rental property or near-by.I look average and act average, nothing about me is exceptionally different in order to maybe attract this kind of attention from others. But it still happens. It drives me crazy and makes me want to avoid going out in public ever because of everything i just explained – its just weird. I hate it and it interferes with the quality of my life and i don’t know what to do.

Is there a new trend nowadays that requires making a noise such as the sound of a whistle or cough, other than the sound of saying hello, as another way of saying hello to someone? A cough is kinda rude and a whistle is extremely open ended. But this may be saying too much or not enough. If you want to become friends with someone you treat them respectfully and in such ways that you would want to be treated yourself. And then maybe a friendship is cultivated, and those things take time. then maybe there would be an opportunity to be closer to that person depending upon how things transpire over time. Aren’t quality friendships worth the time and effort?

Some of my problem may be purely psychological,as any rational person might suspect after reading this, because there has to be a reason for things that happen. That is a lot of suspicion and little factual proof. If you make something out of something that it simply is not (like a mystery or conflict for example) then it becomes a personal effort, a.k.a. a potential psychological problem, obsession, paranoia,etc…

But if what i think is actually happening for a fact, like someone meddling into my life to complicate things for me, then why would someone go through the trouble of doing that to someone else who strives to be a good person, and who does not go around stirring up trouble? People are too potentially messed up in this world to be doing such things to others its just asking for trouble. The consequences for mistakes due to confusion are way worse in most cases also, so why not just try to do things right?

Thanks for reading

Dubh says:

I'm fed up - are you?

You can fight back.. with out much hassle and a little money and time. Your right to privacy is being violated for sure.. You can get a restraining order against the neighbors and file a lawsuit for invasion of privacy. Your backyard cannot be seen by the general public on the street can it?? If it cannot; your right to privacy is being violated. period; plain and simple. This can be considered stalking, harassment and intent to harm.

Good luck. Going through something similar but after I threatened to sue for invasion of privacy; they moved the cameras and they do NOT have any pointed into our backyard.

wireless camera (user link) says:

Wireless cameras


Digital audio video recording system with Wi-Fi P2P technology

This device “Wi-Fi P2P” for the audio/video recording thanks to its minimum size can be hidden almost anywhere, even in objects and electronic devices. The DVR is able to realize audio and video files of high quality, thanks to the hight resolution component video and to the powerful microphone preamp. Not only that, with the “Wi-Fi P2P” you can monitor in real time what that is shooting the camera and listen the audio directly on your smartphones in wi-fi mode thanks to the supplied software.
At the same time the DVR Wi-Fi P2P is able to autonomously record audio and video directly onto a MicroSD card that you are going to enter in the slot.
The device is powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery of small size, but with great features in terms of duration.. In addition, through a micro power supply plugged directly into the battery pack, you can recharge the system without having to move the voice recorder. The DVR saves the recordings on a MiscoSD (32GB max) removable (sold separately), making the file recovery fast and versatile.
The dimensions of the body of the circuit are about 5,5×1,8 cm and less than 5mm thick. The flat cable is extended of 8,5 cm and has a HD color micro camera at the end of size 0.5 x 0.5 cm.

Victim of cult says:

My neighbors are spying on us with wireless rermot

There are some cult neighbors who planned murder attempt on me by poisoning and poisoning my pets. They made me lose my job. They caused casualty to me and my pets including property damage. I am really hoping them to stop this murder attempt and move on with their house and their lives. I hope they be honest and truthful to repair the damages and help me rebuild my life since they attacked a person who didnt know them.

Victim says:

This is just typical Mike blather

I have gone through deadly problems in 26 years. I have lost everything including my mom and kid and brother. Most recently was attacked by neighbors who persistently destroyed me and poisoned me and my pets and my kid which is a murder attempt. I kept calling police for help they attacked me instead of punishing the CULT neighbors. I have been begging for help from everyone including strangers.

johnyork says:

the same boat

Does seem like we’re all in the same boat, but somehow I don’t believe calling or writing anyone’s congressman, the police or anyone else. Seems to me maybe we just need to go Ol skool on these high tech geeks, pervs, nosy neighbors, or just plain assholes. We gotta push back america! We need to figure out the certain annoyances of these people and push them til they break and go too far. Far enough the police will be able to handle it from there. Pour gas on the fire in other words! Be careful though for I’m no Dr. Or anything, but these people aren’t right in the head or else they just don’t have much of a life! You be the judge in your particular case.I also think for someone to be so interested in my business that they have something they want to hide in theirs!

Debra says:

right or wrong for neighbor to have computer on 24/7 spying on complex

My neighbor in the next building has a computer (how he did this I don’t know) but he can see the front of my apartment complex. When I turn my computer on it shows him online 24/7. We share the same wifi that is fine but does he have the right to keep it on and use it? He knows when I leave and he knows when I come home. I see a lot of comments but nothing about whether it is legal. I feel very uncomfortable every time I walk out of my apartment

Anonymous Coward says:

Unwanted Odd Attention from Others:

Its ironical. In the exact situation. 1)In the grey area 2)Feel being spyed by next door neighbour, but no physical cctv or detection device found. 3)found unwanted strangers’ attention, so developed agroraphobia 4)unable to receive understandings or same perceptions from loved ones.

The only alternative is to ignore the whole thing and live normally, maybe more earnestly, improve our lifes, have goals another words live positively. Maybe one day we save enough to move to another vicinity. Don’t let others affect or run down our lifes though easy to say, hard to attain. But I believe this is the only way out. Don’t give up.

maggie says:

Neighbor stalking

You are not alone. Many faces this situation. My experience tells me the only alternative is to focus on your career, family and work towards a better future. Don’t let uncalled malicious act run down your life. I believe one day you or I myself will be able to move to a ideal vicinity. But all this takes time so take care of your health and live positively and long enough till that day comes. Good luck.

Mrs walker medicine man says:


Three people that live on my street in Hawaii have had sudden deaths such as heart attacks due to surveillance undercover cameras Tryin to protect the neighbor hood that was once a pin a time so so quite and beautiful. I lived here as a child no violence or crime for over 40 years . Now the people who mite think justice is being done by montering crime are calling out the real deal sprites that happen to be there for generations . The innocence people who happen to be walking alone the road so called death arrives at your hands is not very funny when it becomes your destiny in your job cause the sprites go straight home with them it is a curse from the demons who lived there many centuries ago . So for those who mite think they are high tech space animals are not knowing what they up against good lucky in your quest to crime . Five employees at different times have die not knowing high tec went home with them

jose says:

about cctv camera

Hi my friend installed the camberas n when I go to their house they can see me,but when I go to their house I don’t want them to see me give me some idea.or I cant turn the main switch off so that I cannot see n when I enter the house then I can turn them on and it will be normal is it possible n the recording too.please give me the idea

Amy says:

Invasion of my privacy

This is no public street i live in the countrx i have no visiblr neighbors, however the man that owns sn empty 10 acres next to my property has deer feeders but this is not s deer camera it hovers moves vloser and farther away when start to walk toward it. When i am outside at night as i was just a few minutes ago it moved. closer toward my. direction.the lights are bright white blue and red.many people have also witnessed this. I am fed up im doing nothing illegal me and my daughter live here alone. There is no need for this invasion of my privacy and i am srtiously considering shooting it with rat shot ftom my 22.the man does not even live in this county. Ive had enough and his toy is going to leave me be. He must be a perverted pyschopath or predator.

terry a paril says:

stalked and harassed

i been a victime of a family rape attacks they secretly put wireless spy cameras on me watching me in my home they installed there camera in my tv screen watching thu the screen and activatd mt computer camera hacked in my computer i think there attacks were a plotted planned crime they done in revenge they broke inside my home several time things are stolen money is missing this family been watching me on there spy camera since i detected being watched in 2013 i had a cell phone hacked into they were blocking my calls i rportd it they were tracked they were watching knowing what kind of cell phone i had used they were controlling my phone as if it was there they hacked into my personal techs i bought they just hacked my things no concent thats stilling this family had followed all my moves in locations i didnt tell them were i had moved they all ways be in the same area i move that is stalking this family done crime on to me and they need to be locked up im trying every way to get copys of there spy camera recordings of all that was recorded and the disturbing gross attacks they have they recorded all they done in showing people as if bragging this familys 24/7 monitor is a motive other than pervarding there up to some thing and need the monitor to pull it off since i knew they been watching me things took place that would not have if there spy camera was not in my home that is why i know they plotted in putting there camera in my home they are doing alot of monitoring in my place as if there watching to see me pass or theres money hidden in my home no one watches of a person that much if they were not up to some thing i think there staying in a empity apartment in watching me on there spy camera its only a 2 unit building mines and one upstairs from me suppose to be empity i bet the family is in that empity apt in stalking me watching for some thing in my home there no turning there monitor off i need to detect there main camera they broke inside my home and put some where there cameras clicks i hear them alot from room to room they could have home security monitor and there close in watching i hear them there microphone transmit my speakers this family is up to some thing the law needs knowing of weapons were used in my rape attack i think they own a laser weapon that sting the body of burnes i felt stings several times they could have made a home made laser that will go thu the walls in sting burning the body i all so felt liquid drippings onto my body that could be a laser toxic gas its some kind of liquid being used i need to find a way in having them watched i think there in to murder with the weapons they have why would the same family i had on report in 2013 be upstairs after i moved from deer creek trotwood apartments i was moving getting away from a brittney jackson and her spy camera watching me daily why would she and family follow my move to my recent move how they knew whre i was moving if they were not stalking watching me on there monitor thats how this family knew to follow me to 231 niagara and the other places i lived they would be there what is this family of stalking/following me up to i just hope the f,b.i. on the case in there strange activities of obsessing with me each and every day it feels they are upstairs watching me on there spy camera but what would they b doing upstairs and i am there stalking victime would they need to be in close range of there target there stalking following every move what are they up to if there homeless they would be upstairs maybe trying for arrest or a charge of some sort to stay in my place cause there homeless are they trying to pull off that needing a place they are watching in seeing my place they need what is this family up to they need watching trackd of there spy camera

terry pearil says:

Privacy? seeking stalking and harassment

it is a shme no one can feel they have no privacy how can some crazy nut invade privacy of stalking people most stalkers kill i have a family of harassing me who hacked into all my tech and installed hacking soft ware in my computer and cell phones they put hacking devices on most the cell phones i thu away and you tell me privacy rights are a must no the law do not do enough in learning of cyber harassment the computers they use and all sorts of cameras devices these stalkers use and when some one reports being stalked or harassed the law will say they need the stalkers camera or the camera the stalker put in my home now days these spy cameras are wireless wifi installed from the computer into homes appliances in tvs these stalkers have wireless spy camera choices and the law needs to learn a bit more of all kinds of spy camera monitor and know all there are old school installed these crooks/stalkers harassers of cyber stalking are learning wireless spy cameras less chances of tracking there spy cameras that could save a persons life i am being stalked/harassed and there 24/7 monitor needs tracking of the niagara ave dayton area the law neds tracking this there are military weapon and other weapons in my attack of me being stalked why it it so hard in tracking this nuts monitor i have given the area net work of the connection they have to have online services for the monitor i have complainted over 100 times in emails sites seeking help i have posted all sorts of post of how i am being stalked harassed by a family and what all they done in rape attacks there recording all there crimes this how i know this person is sick in the head and if there monitor of dayton ohio — niagara ave area there camera monitor is connected in my home watching me 24/7 i may end up dead…

pam cooley says:

My neighbors are spying on us with wireless rermot

Hey lady this is not a church that is behind this you can just about bet your life it is your local police department ….Believe me I go through this 24/7 for the past 3 years the local police department is behind this case giving our nighbors illegal access into my home more than likely you know something on them and this is their way of harassing you people…. I call and text the feds daily but if you will go to all your major news agencies cnn,fox all of them and bring this out you better believe it will stop it is illegal in every way you look at it its called multi million dollar lawsuits in your pocket for this illegal invasion of privacy

Fred Cline says:

My neighbors are spying on us

Ask for the code number of the violation if you are challenged about your right to have the cameras positioned where they are. Either they can come up with something specific, or you are within your rights to do as you please. Personally, I would make sure my cameras are positioned to record images of my own property and the adjacent public street and sidewalk and I would not position my cameras to record what happens on someone else’s private property.

D. Vidmar says:

I feel I "have" to put up the "cameras" in my area, please read and listen to "WHY"...

Hello, I am a middle aged disabled widow, who has lived in a middle of the road subdivision in Colorado for most of my life. Ive lived in this subdivision, for over 13 years now. and Since I bought the home, and moved in, all those years ago.. I have been seriously Harrassed, targeted ( or so it is what it seems like), my vehicles the past 7 new cars and trucks I have owned, have been tampered with constantly and had many parts removed from them “while my car was either in my driveway or INSIDE MY LOCKED ATTACHED GARAGE. I have had my belongings stolen month after month, year after year, and my beloved pets murdered and one, chopped into pieces and his body parts thrown all over my lawn and his “head” stuffed in my back yard dryer vent. I have gone through serious community bullying, and been accused by my own Doctors of having done these things to my own pets.. WHICH IS A COMPLETE LIE! I do NOT UNDERSTAND WHY the people of this messed up community cant just “leave” me alone! I stay at home, I don’t collect disability as I have a large trust fund left to me by my father, and I live on that… I have woke up more then twice, since I moved into this home, (which is 100% paid for and I cannot leave) to finding pepsi bottles on my own nightstand, I DRINK DIET COKE.. and have not bought any pepsi products since the early 90’s. I have gone to the police, and been ignored, or treated as though,I was “crazy”, I have gone to my family, they are unsure “what” to do.. and they believe it is the local police doing this to me, I suppose for “shits and giggles”.. I have gone to my doctor, and was so poorly treated by him, I was forced to prove my sanity by going to the “psych doctors He basicly FORCED me to go to”… Im sick of this backward town, killing innocent little animals for NO REASON AT ALL! I don’t have a criminal background, I don’t Drink or get out of control in public, I keep to my self, I love my pets, I try my very best to take good care of my home and keep the yard clean and tidy, as I can. (as my pets are tiny little yorkies, I refuse to even allow them to stay outside very long at all, because the neighbors, seem to walk their dogs, against my backyard fence, and get my three little guys really barking on purpouse. its almost “more” then any one person should ever have to be put through in one lifetime. yet, thirteen years later.. here I am, still going through it! the constant robbery of my belongings is too much! I swear it.. it will STOP VERY SOON.. or I will do whatever it takes to catch the thieves, and shoot them DEAD while they are inside my home.. Im terrified most of the time, and have endured severe health problems due to these conciquences, Ive quite had enough. yes, my father built a “supposed” pergola area in my back yard two years ago, it was an attempt to protect my sweet little dogs from having any more of them MURDERED so CRUELY… the people that live in this neighborhood are stuck up, judgemental, backwards thinking BULLYS! and they have ganged up on me, the younger, but disabled woman (alone) with a bit of a wilder past.. Yes, I did drugs, and partied, but those days are gone… and I have never even been arrested for any of that.. then, or now.. this seems to strickly be a case of “lets mess with the Rich peoples kid”… and make her as miserable as we can just because we can… plus, some of these neighbors have been envolved with the local government offices, and police, and they realize, that I have been around this town all my life, and I have not only “seen” the corruption in its local government, but I have personally witnessed extremely serious CRIMES that have been a “ongoing” way of life for these city officals and enforcement members, Im NOT SAYING ALL OF THEM ARE CROOKED! by any means.. but, there is a SERIOUS GROUP of THESE people that are taking the worst of the worst types of “advantages” that can be done, associated with their types of jobs and power in this community. there is a very serious case of Robbery, embezzlement, fraud, and power playing going on here.. for crying out loud, I have known many many police officers, fbi agents, as well as local District Attorneys, as well as Judges in this town, that were far more criminal and wild in their “nightlife” behaviors, then the local “biker” gangs are. and far more guilty of criminal and drug abusing behaviors… “gee, maybe that has a ton to do with why they are hating on me so very much!.. cuz, I KNOW. I have found, that 3/4 of the Judges, District Attorneys, local law enforcement personelle, lawyers, business heads, bankers, and social service personnel, “all” have a very unique little hobbies.. its “ham radios” .. and I have tuned into these open air conversations only to find, that they are discussing the lives, and court type “outcomes” of the local citizines in this fine “town”… sometimes, to the extent of talking about the courtroom Drama the “next” day will play out to…. against the accused. now, if Im not mistaken, THIS IS A VERY VERY SERIOUS CRIME! they make no quam’s about trying to “hide” their obvious self-propelled power trips around here.. and if you know the “truth” about these town “top dogs”.. and understand just how “tretcherous” and “rotten” they really are in truth… your bullied… “literally, to DEATH. and the suiside rate here in this town is extremely HIGH! EXTREEMLY HIGH! to the point of being laugh able and jokeable as to “why” there isn’t anyone elce figuring this murder the innocent people and take everything away from them they can get? because THATS WHATS GOING ON! so many have killed themselves because of this HORRIFIC TREATMENT they have received by the community here.. so called, “CHRISTIANS”??? I have to Laugh again! hiding behind the shield of Jesus Christ is one of the worst things Ive ever seen a criminal do… even if, that criminal was a district attorney, or hot shot lawyer.. yet, in this town, that’s just the norm. and its very troubling! Colorado made marijuana legal.. not, because it might have been a medically “right” thing to do.. or because, its easier to legalize it, tax the crap out of it, and make the money to “help’ this State.. to make it better.. not even close! its all about pocketing as much of that money as the hot shots possiably can, and screw the state and people of Colorado.. they are just going to addict all the kids.. and then control the familys with the fallout of those addictions.. mark my words… well, there you have it.. MY OPINION.. now, you all “might” have a damn reason for the nasty bullying and torture your putting me through… but, I’ll tell ya this much.. Ill NEVER KILL MYSELF! and I’ll FIGHT YOU ALL EVERY MONEMT TILL THE END OF TIME… to expose the real Truth! about the GREED and CONTROL of the jerks that are throwing their weight around in this community… so, GO AHEAD.. BULLY AWAY! I WILL NOT REMOVE THE CAMERAS from my yard.. NO I will NOT! I will watch you, as all of you have “watched” me for years and years… I will make you all as uncomfortable as you have made me.. It isn’t very nice being treated like you have treated others is it? well, get ready… because, I am just getting STARTED on all of you low-lifes that are pretending to be “good guys”… the jigs up… your dirty,nasty,low down, skanks… and not much of human beings.. but, you are all so damn good at being twofaced… and not counting your own dirty deeds.. its all going to “catch” up to you.. I swear it is.. and that will be the best day on this planet.. because, it might actually make Colorado a “nice” place to live and grow up again.. like it used to be in the 60’s and 70’s.. before the greed monsters decided to mob up, and take whatever they wanted from whomever they wanted or could.. SHAME ON AL OF YOU! oh, now…… you’re “really” going to hit me hard with anything you can get away with.. I wouldn’t put planting illeagle drugs in my home or car past you… do whatever you all “know” you want to do… your exposed now…!! and the little, guys.. the innocent good real church people of this community.. that actually “know” whats been going on for so long.. “just” might stand up against you all… and make your lives… just as uncomfortable and miserable as you have made so many of the ones that “didn’t” deserve what you did to them….
peace out.. and STAY THE F*** on your own damn property or your going to get SHOT! go ahead.. MAKE MY DAY! hahaaaa

Flor Maria Ponce says:


People have a legitime and valuable right to privacy inside their homes and cars , and this is not in question.. Everyone who get into an store a see the sign where said that store is under surveillance is accepting be recorded otherwise they have option walk away and eat at home. The fbi can overheard a conversation in a public place and use that against the people , because a Restaurant is a public place for customers but a private place for owners. The safety box in a bank need a court order before be released to anyone else, bank have high privacy protection. People have privacy in their mailbox does not matter if inside the post office and in their personal information does not matter if is government hands. The United States Postal Office should not be allowed to release personal address to collectors , because any person could fake be a person with good intention but also could be someone hire to kill a human…Personal information is private and just should be release in high profile cases when criminal investigation are on going and with judge my opinion

jmarr730 (profile) says:


I am in the same boat. My neighbor has complete control of my home phone, cell phone and computer. He has stolen my cable and he also has some kind of thermal motion detector that alerts him to where I am in my house. He has this because he is a drug distributer. Hes scared to death and hes getting away with it. My brother is a detective and even he thinks Im nuts. The sob is forcing me to sell my condo, but Im not done with him. I will get him busted!! I have confronted him which now leaves me very vulnerable to harm. I worry everyday. I am about to get a security system, but its not going to stop him from knowing my every move. Guess I have to wait until he comes in my home again so I can POP the SOB. He will get whats coming to him.

harry hammonds says:

You are experiencing gangstalking phenomena


What many of you are describing is gang stalking phenomena.

gangstalking is often carried about by religious fanatics. I explain could in detail why, but then you would think I was a crazy person & you wouldnt believe me.

Anyway, understand its alot worse than many of you who have posted are aware of.

My advice to you all is never let them program you as a robot, think for yourselves with FREEDOM & LIBERTY in your hearts. Let logic & reasoning be your guides as you follow your hearts to the bliss of your happiness. Be an automaton, self programming. Live, learn, and relish every moment of life.

Be advised, it is probable amongst the gang stalking tactics you experience deployed against might be YOU being labeled crazy. This is done to isolate the targeted individuals. So people wont believe them when they report acts of violence. You might be kidnapped to a psychiatric unit and tortured among other things.

Always be friendly. Remember they want you to be afraid of them and think there is a boogey man beneath every rock. They want you to play their games. Its how they get their kicks. DONT DO IT.


I have personally been experiencing alot of the things you all are describing in your comments for a very long time.

You will find that they have probably recruited those living nearby you with lies to assist them in their acts against humanity.

Do not submit to the likes of such.


I advise you to pay attention when you hear helicopters. You may notice routine physical pain, to energy radiation being directed into your home.

You may notice all of your communications are tapped.

You may notice random acts of vandalism of your properties.

Be aware gangstalking phenomena is taking place all over the world.


THE TWILIGHT ZONE(“The Monsters Are on Maple Street”)

Harry Hammonds says:

Its important you stand on your feet & use your brains.

Regarding the use of energy.

You can use insulating materials, which you can purchase online to block them.

You can construct a safe room in your home. equipt it, insulate its walls & windows…and construct a FARADAY CAGE within. To block energy signals.

You can purchase cameras & have them set to live stream to a secure third party server encrypted. Just in case they break in & cutt your heads off and dispose of the recording system evidence.

You can use plant medicines to bolster up your health.
like for example: san pedro cactus, coca leaves, cannabis, psilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca, and so forth…

You do not have to participate in being a victim.

gang stalking by definition is a form of terrorism.

I will tell you the truth, you are probably not going to find much assistance form law enforcement as they are probably working with the perpetrators of this crime in colusion.

dtf alias finally found my worth aka ommfknG says:

No Subject Given

Privacy? Its all a frame of mind. In my bathroom while taking a poo or picking my Ass or taking selfies or examining my lady features compiled with the loud hooribleley Perfumed stinch of rotting whatever i ate my bad habits etc things that would be embarrassing if any person knew….. Let me tell you its all recorded video audio twoway mirror and them pretty young boys that come around me relentlessly to lay pipe…lol, why do they caused my beauty? my long paper? My charming personality? Ofcorse!!!! My dears I am 51 , and female though I long to believe so, the harsh reality is there is something I possess that they seek. Whether police simply performing their just duties , corrupt law enforcement , mafiosos or my ex husband. Privacy doesent exist our only human right is to suffer consequences of our actions. Take pleasure in the small joys things like knowing they see how u are in *private moments and still come and manage to attempt performance in the lovemaking department knowing u in ways a spouse shouldn’t even. Ha then they gotta hear from their co concpiritors a large raft of shit while I’m n the tub with a big smile not because they did well but because I have convinced them they did . The only way to fool a fool is when the fool is you.

Anonymouse says:

Your Neighbors may be the Government


(or, The government may be spying on you)

The apartment above or below yours is a great place from which to spy on you. Forward looking infrared (FLIR) cameras, augmented with motion detector switches, can be used to track every movement you make in your apartment. Here are some indicators to listen and watch for.

Suspicious quiet (or, the dog didn’t bark): You know someone’s up there but the neighbors never take a bath, shower, flush the toilet, or use the washing machine, clothes dryer, dish washer or garbage disposal.

Suspicious noises: You just got up from your living room recliner and moved to the kitchen and someone upstairs did the same thing. What a coincidence! Do you ever hear the sound of cables being dragged across the floor when this happens? At other times do you hear the thumps or clicks of motion detector switches upstairs when you move from one room to another?

Work Schedules: Do people upstairs arrive or depart in seemingly regular shift change intervals? A twenty-four hour surveillance stakeout might be divided into eight-hour shifts, for example a day shift from 5 AM to 1 PM, an afternoon and evening shift from 1 PM to 9 PM, and a graveyard shift from 9 PM to 5 AM.

External Coordination: Do people in the parking lot – in close proximity to the apartment of your “neighbors” and yours – spend excessive amounts of time checking their IPhone messages? Are they checking “monitoring lists“ (Google it!)?

Late night meetings/parties outside the building: Do small groups of people gather at one end of the building late at night, perhaps between midnight and 4 AM,? Do these events occur at regular intervals, say at weekends near the end of the month? Does a police vehicle occasionally deliver or pickup some of the attendees? Are there empty bottles, beverage cans and/or bottle caps there in the morning? Information must be passed down! Morale must be maintained!

Parking space assignments: Do certain vehicles (not white vans) get preferential parking near the apartment of your “neighbors“ (and yours) in the parking lot? Look for military base registration decals – no longer required but possibly still there – on these vehicles.

Is the surveillance stakeout common knowledge to a few of your neighbors?: Do members of the apartment association board (or their family members) or others know about the stakeout? Perhaps it’s time to start attending the board meetings!

Crisco says:

Invasion of Privacy

For those of you having issues with neighbors with video cameras pointing at your home, I feel your pain.

However, what I have been going through for the last 5 yrs. has been pure hell!

My home was a foreclosure. Either the people who were here before me installed surveillance devices, or after they moved out the person living on the adjacent lot installed the surveillance system.

I have no privacy. The low-life neighbor has the ability to transmit into my home also. And he does not live close to me. He is located in back of my 10 acres.

He can see me on the outside as well. To many times my movements have been coordinated with his movements. This has not been by accident. He watches and tries to frustrate me to the point I will move.

3 times I have been in my own home, while he was on his driveway which is about 80 yards away. And I have said aloud for him to blink his lights if he could hear me and he did.

Imagine living like this. I spent $1200 for private investigators to scan my home for hidden surveillance devices. They were very thorough but found nothing.

I have gone to the sheriff. I have contacted the Justice Dept.: nothing. I have gone from one entity to another, including the county prosecutor, with no success. No one has any suggestions. No one will point me in the right direction.

I have been told by some of these people to move. Or ‘what do you care if this person sees you in your home and hears everything you say’. Both statements are utterly absurd.

This is my dream home. Why should I move? I am not the one who has broken any laws. I am not the one who has threatened him, as he threatened me. I don’t stalk him. He stalks me.

What I continue to go through has been unimaginable. Pure hell! I am glad I am single with no one living with me to go through the same thing I am going through.

I have and will continue to exhaust all avenues in my attempt to have this maggot arrested and prosecuted but I have no proof. No matter how much effort I put into to finding the source of this surveillance, I always end up with nothing.

Anyone with any information as to what the person is using and typically where to look for the transmitter would be most appreciated. Frankly, I would not be surprised if transmitter is in the inner walls of my home.

And just as everyone else: you would not believe what O have been through with this sadistic monster!

You can reach me:

Jenny Jane says:

I'm fed up - are you?

Hell yes!!! These losers that I met many moons ago set up cameras in MY OWN HOME when I wasn;t present. They have hacked my phone, etc etc. I want some ACTION! Let’s set up a place and time and meet to destroy these time wasters.
Start videoing their every move….that wouldn’t be a very long video since they would get arrested at the get go.


Jenny jane says:

This is just typical Mike blather

How about them stalking you by satellite radio stations? Following you and having cab drivers report your whereabouts etc. This has got to END. I HAVE HAD IT! Men that do this stuff are just so sad and lonely & pathetic. Most of them are guys that can;t get a girl to save their lives. That’s the problem. Then they have anger inside against these women and try to piss the girls that have no interest in them annoyed. Girls I don’t know why they do it? ? Just bored I guess??

Robert Kaplan says:

I'm fed up - are you?

I am having the same problems with my neighbors. I have tried calling 911 several times but they cannot catch the neighbors in the act. The have shiny blue lights and even orange lights in their home. They are out on their lanai pointing a device at my home as I live behind them and I have a fenced in yard. The lights are on all night and with the lights on I hear constant buzzing noises inside my home 24/7 and other peculiar noises. I know they are frequency harassing me but cannot prove to law enforcement. I have been living in my home for 14 years now and have not heard these noises till Oct of 2015. May someone please give me advice as I cannot move from my home. Respectfully, Robert Kaplan 941-447-2179.

Anonymous Coward says:


He is my trustee so can not get a restraining order (my lawer who my husband says should be disbarred) says a restraining order would cost me 25000. that’s A REAL ONE SIGNED BY AQ JUDGE ANYONE CAN GO DOWN AND FILL AMEANLESS PIECE OF PAPER. aOLL THIS IN SPITE OF THE FACT WE HAVE CAMERAS

allballstothewalls says:

My neighbors are spying on us with wireless rermot

I experience the same bullshit any where I go. Trust me when I tell you its government based law enforcement, who put civilians to harass certain people of interest. Our government is corrupt to the core. Do not trust the is the land of the free my ass. They are all Nazis. They can all kiss my American white ass.

Gangstalkersisyourperp says:

My neighbors are spying on us with wireless re

Sounds like your targeted by gangstalkers. You can find out more info about them and what they do on youtube. I’m sure a lot of you guys are targeted by these guys. If they moved In right by you and then aimed cameras at you. They want to know your every move. The police won’t do anything about it cuz their involved in targeting targeted individuals. So is the CIA, firemen, and many others .educate yourself about these guys. It’s all what you would never have thought what they would do to people. Their trying to make people go crazy to make them commit suicide or put in a psych ward.

James Strider (profile) says:

It is Mason Stalkers they are playing a game

Masons or Freemasons have taken over almost all of the police departments and sheriffs and most first responders they are lawyers and judges also they play an evil game on any one that has bothered them, they destroy you. They have access to lots of money and they use it to destroy you. There king is Abaddon, which is a nice way of saying Lucifer Look it up chapter 9 of revelations 9:11. this is also know as gang stalking but it is the Masons they are part of CIA FBI DHS DOJ they have taken over almost all aspects of almost all Christian religions except catholic. I recommend going to your closest masonic lodge for answers

James Strider (profile) says:

It is Mason Stalkers they are playing a game

It is the masons they have slowly taken over almost all aspects of law enforcement and almost the protestant Christian, only the catholics refuse to let them take control. this is all what these gang/MASON STALKERS REFER TO AS THE GAME THEY HAVE IT AS A FORM OF CHESS. and they are playing with your life, to destroy you, they even work with the FBI. Become a catholic and go to your masonic lodge for answers.

James Strider (profile) says:

You are great keep spreading the word

These gang stalkers are Masons they have infiltrated the police fire departments and the sheriffs department at higher levels they are in the CIA,FBI,DHS,DOJ, There are a lot of old men at there lodges but there are a lot of young ones you don’t see. Fight the beast don’t give in know your enemy, they are Masons. They play with people like chess record you torment you they really love to watch other humans being tormented, remember they are all Masons, don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise, they are in all religions except catholic that I know of. Print flyers to expose the masons confront the masons, search out the truth about who Masons really are and print that on a flyer and put them every where.

James Strider (profile) says:

This is done by Masons or Freemasons

This Gang stalking is done by free masons learn who they are research them print flyers and expose them they are involved in almost everything they are all satanic, know who they are you can find out where there local lodge is and then the Master Mason who runs things are suppose to keep it a secret on punishment of death. Sing my favorite song which is masons are the devil when and if they harrase you they will be angry and leave most of the time you can also print a flyer with the eye of Osiris it is in a triangle put a sword in the eye and write 666 underneath, they hate that one they run like cockroaches when you turn on a light. Know your enemy study your enemy, coordinate with others that are having your same problem, and fight these followers whose king is Abaddon, for your sake and or for all of humanity.

James mcdaniel says:

I'm fed up - are you?

When I was experience this same problem it was the volts and the amps that were entering my home at such high levels that it damaged my heat pump and ruined my new dish washer. It is best to get a licensed electrician to check the volts and amps coming into your home if it is open with and electrician there you can place the leads from the ohms meter one on power one on ground and you’ll be able to see.

Mia Caballero says:

Cop for my neighbor

So our houses are faced towards each other. There hasnt been any burglarys the entire time Ive lived here. Nor do i ever even have Company come by. First of all the owners lives next t to us. We split the house. He never has company. Homebody. Dont work. He can hear anything. The worst part the cop across the street has a serveillance camera facing directly at us. Im not happppy that he told my roomate. I had people over and they spent the night running in and out all nighy. WTF? My daughter came down from Humboldt to see a close friend who lived very close to here so she spent the night and they visited quietly in my rv. The only one running in and out was me making sure they were happy and comfortable. What the Hell gives him the right to say anything to anyone about what we do or do not do here. So i confronted him about it. . hesaid thats what he does. H has the eye for unfamiliar faces on our street. He obviously didnt see anything wrong with what he did. But now i have to move and im pissed

Bullied says:

stalking neighbors

Like at Tuolumne Apts.. They don’t care about who’s reallybreaking the rules and covered sex crimes,harassment,taking pic’s, invasion of privacy on THE SEXUAL ASSUALT VICTIM, and murder of Ron Hicks, they are ganging up on me & sending anything the can use (framing ) on me but not the one’s that our the problems? Using V2K,TI sound equip that has damaged my health & killed other tendant’s of heart attacks?… Need a Private Invest.then Attorney for HUGE LAW SUIT ? I WILL GIVE YOU THE 1/3. Notify me w/ my email or send to Rebecca Putnam P.O. Box 951 Twain Harte,CA 95383.

Bullied says:

neighbors invading privacy

Like at Tuolumne Apts.. Also done to me I hear them in attact & unit next to me & below me? This has been since I moved in Nov 08 the harassment,taking pic’s, invasion of privacy on THE SEXUAL ASSUALT VICTIM, and murder of Ron Hicks, they are ganging up on me & sending anything the can use (framing ) on me but not the one’s that our the problems? Using V2K,TI sound equip that has damaged my health & killed other tendant’s of heart attacks?… Need a Private Invest.then Attorney for HUGE LAW SUIT ? I WILL GIVE YOU THE 1/3. Notify me w/ my email or send to Rebecca Putnam P.O. Box 951 Twain Harte,CA 95383.

james strider (profile) says:

this won't stay up long

Ok tried to call numbers posted here and else where to talk to other people having the same problem, but I always get some kind of jerk on the other line I hope no one is getting someone else when they try to call me. My problems started with a sheriff called gary painter, after noticing and being exposed to people running drugs and calling into the midland county sheriffs department, nothing was done being told by Scott Reed, that Gary Painter offered to erase his criminal history for 10 thousand dollars, who was out of prison on parole for holding down a 16 year old girl while his brother raped her and then raping her, and helping his brother chop up the body after his brother killed her

james strider (profile) says:

stalking neighbors

There needs to be a large group of people to stand together with or with lawyers, my life beyond sucks, ready to lay that on the line at a moments notice. Everything is controlled by the masons police, fire depts., lawyers, judges all first responders looking more for others to come to my house my phone calls are getting redirect when I try to call out so maybe come to my house are posted your address of where you are online like I did.

No name, I don't need no more fame says:

I told every body, you don't believe me

“from the big-brother-is-next-door dept With all the stories about governments or corporations becoming “Big Brother”, it turns out that Big Brother might just be next door.” I told you guys and no one would listen to me, no they thought it was all okay to do it. People lied to me, told me that it wasn’t possible to do it, that the warnings were good for us, that they were not creating a system for total surveillance, that nothing on the internet or off the internet could be hacked. I told you to stop it, my friends told me in 2003 or 004 they told me about this, it made since to me. Now where are you at? You are gone seemingly and I am all alone facing this. The gov is mad at me cause I told you, I told every body.

Gail A Sundstrom says:

My neighbors are spying on us with wireless rermot

I am going to die if someone doesn’t know the answer of course official are going to think that your nuts. But this Woman started with her son years ago. they hack not only my home but they are now under the ground through sewer lines and riding street lights. If you out sideoutside airconditioner or solor lights they use them as well my live is not the oly live in danger they keep blaming a wonderful family that has worked hard all their lives, the not only jealous they are sick now the are taking obects and making smaller and hitting my neighbors homes and the have shoot cameras is my knowledge into mail boxes ecpescilly those I care for. They also have sound though wireless and steal through some sort of program called mimic> I am so scared for my neighbors grandchild that lives to my left as well

NiBi53 (profile) says:

Asshole people


I see that your post was from 2013. I’ve been going through the same EXACT stuff that you have posted about. It started for me (that I know of) at the end of 2012/ beginning of 2013. I’m in sw Ohio. I was just curious what area of Ohio you’re from. The more research I do the more I’m learning that ALOT of folks being gang stalked and harassed live here in Ohio. Thanks if you’re comfortable responding to me.

frank says:

Freedom of with camera/video survelanvce, but not sure of that!

Stalking: is some one who is deliberately taking pictures going past your home or in the area all day long, to watch you, irritate, intimidate, cause harm, for noise campaign or watch you for reasons of harm!

Just driving/walking taking photo for a contest or birds and for the exercise for the fun and even looking your way… and looking around, this is not stalking, it is just driving or walking for the fun/exercise and looking around!

unless otherwise told by POLICE you can’t or was warned otherwise by authority!!

If neighbor says you can’t go past their home walking, riding or even for exercise for any reason or for a photo of a bird ..and not for you!!,
it’s taking your rights away and controlling you if they say you can’t without a law involved!( then that is Taking away your life and freedom and of the constitutions laws!!)

BUT if that complainer who does not like you going past their home does opposite of what they say. Then they are seen driving past your home all day long this is unfair and ileagle as hell and reversing what they in an intimidation and controlled effect!!

but with videoing/recording!
You can’t use your own surveillance video/recordings in court cases because they can be changed by you… before court case, to change outcome or criminal activity!
That is what I was told, unless the law changed!

How-ever Hooking up with a police/authority different situation and I don’t know anything about that!!

k.a. says:

new neighbors have been watching me

the neighbors across the street have two cars. one is an suv, and the other a small sports car. Since they moved in , i noticed that every time i go on a particular website, the guy who owns the small car, comes out of the house, jumps into his car, and speeds off. this has been going on for months now. and if he is not there, then the person who owns the sports utility vehicle is there, and also either leaves or returns when I am doing something on my computer, most of the time when i am on social media. I noticed that a few minutes before I typed my electronic signature on the online tax return this year, the guy in the small white car left in a hurry. I don’t know why they are doing this, if they are capturing information from my computer and relaying it to someone else. this morning, i was at the window – big mistake – at about 10:19 am, and was testing out the video features on my phone. at 10:26 a.m. the same guy comes out of the house, jumps in his car, and drives off down the street. I think he was probably filming me with a camera with a zoom feature, or watching me with binoculars or a telescope. I feel harassed.

dorothy sutton says:

stalking neighbors

my apt is being illegally bugged also my intruders talk day and night. also I’m being physically abused headaches ; being shocked when I touch door knobs ;rats voices in my car,tamper with my television sets ; phone this behavior has been going on for years I have contacted police ; and they pretend that they;know nothing please contact me if you have some info on how to find these nuts ;773 340 6497

MC Hutchinson says:


I too have a crazy neighbor who admitted to having audio (good enough to hear you fart in the bathroom (his words) & video (covering homes five houses in any direction covering inside my garage.) I saw your post and wondered if you found a way to prevent the intrusion. I have been looking for an app or device to prove his electronic field is interfering with our Wi-Fi and all. I am not positive the interference is caused by him but knowing all he has admitted makes me wonder. I hope you were able to resolve your situation.

HiddenMan (profile) says:


Hi. I was doing some research online regarding illegal surveillance and harrassment, and came across your post. I to also have several neighbors whom have audio access to our every conversation and move, and its quite alarming. Do you know, or have you done anything regarding the manner? I am very interested in finding some help. Thanks for your time.

HiddenMan (profile) says:

This is just typical Mike blather

Hello. After reading your comment in full, I feel am also a candidate for that type of targeting you described. Being that I have become somewhat reclusive in my later years, my neighbors have deemed it fit to create tension around me, when it isn’t even justified.

They follow me and my family around, as you describe, and create nuisances so I know they are around and present.

Is there anything you could recommend I should do? The cops and the city are in on it as well, so no point in calling them.

HiddenMan (profile) says:


Hello. I too am under constant surveillance by “gang stalkers” as the term seems to be. I am currently considering creating a website where those of us whom have been affected can congregate and share experiences. If more and more of us unite, we have a better chance at fighting back. Let me know if you would be interested. Thanks. Duplicate comments are from me posting on other posts in an effort to get that poster to reply back. Thanks again!

Lucinda (profile) says:


However, if you are shooting a public Street and you include MY DRIVEWAY with me in MY DRIVEWAY you are invading my privacy! And, if your Street watching is within 5 miles of an airport and you have not notified the airport officials that you are flying, you are not registered with FAA and airport, you are adding up your illegal activities for which you will be busted. How about just minding your own area? Leave people alone to their right to privacy!

Mila says:


My neighbor continues to say people can watch you on camera through walls and floors somehow. I personally don’t see how its possible. She keeps saying people are watch her take showers and get dressed. Everyone else just thinks she is crazy and somebody is messing with head trying to make her panic. Could this be possible i guess? It just seem so impossible especially when she says there are no devices in her apartment and all her phone cameras are covered.

Righteous Indignation says:


Believe it or not (ask your trusted local P.I.) information collected this way is due in very large part to “acoustical leakage”. The most happening when folks believe that conversations had in a back yard/screened porch are somehow private, coupled with the ignorant and costly belief that due to some circumstance (who you are, where you live, the ‘type’ of neighbors one believes one has, and the most ignorant: people are only like that in the movies/if they’re govt. ops/humans are basically ‘good’… WRONG) that simply wouldn’t/couldn’t/shouldn’t “happen to me”.

If you’re speaking in an area that a federal court would consider private, but the info is still getting out: are your windows/doors shut tight? Are your curtains drawn (sound absorption/deflection)?Are the vents to your HVAC unit closed tight? Are you speaking in a room that has poorly sealed doors/windows, or in the case of a bathroom/kitchen, speaking near/under and exhaust vent? After installing ceiling fans/light fixtures did you/the installer ensure that expanding foam was used to seal and potential air leaks (sound travels freely through air)? If you’re windows are not double pane – air gapped, or your doors are not solid core/foam-filled hollow core then the thin older glass, or hollow core no-fill doors (or worse, old style doors with solid ‘frame’ and 3 or 4 decorative, thin beveled square designs placed in them; they act as ‘speakers’. They absorb incoming sound waves and broadcast those waves ‘through’ the material as it vibrates. Don’t invest ANY money in specialty sound proofing until the entire above list is taken care of.


Righteous Indignation says:


Using the term “Gang Stalkers”, although accurate, will get one sideways glances from friends/neighbors/family/police. And eventually ignored, which is THE goal of those trolls. Isolation of the subject to disenfranchise the “T.I.” (targeted individual) leading to joblessness, then homelessness, then prison/civil (mental health) commitment with the ultimate goal getting the TI to take their own life.

The terms the perpetrators use (and which you should also, albeit sparingly) is “Disruption Operations”. Other common terms are “investigation”, “stake out”, and “medical/social/psychological experiment”, “community policing” and “neighborhood watch”. If these terms are familiar sounding that’s because disruption operations are largely carried out by corrupt/former pigs, FBI, CIA, and private security personnel/firms. The funding, if one will simply do the research (follow the money), is supplied from “black” government books. Don’t take my word for it. One must also realize that private investigators the globe over use satellite tracking, whether GPS or real time pixels, to locate, track and apprehend targets (once termed “suspects”).

For an eye opener, head to the CIA’s official website, if you’re so inclined, and search for the OSS/OCS document titled “Simple Sabotage Field Manual” penned by William J. Donovan, declassified and available in its entirety. For 100% referencable citations, invest time in viewing “Gang Stalking in America: Just the Facts, part 1”. I suggest viewing (and saving to your personal library, or at least in bookmarks) parts 2 and 3 as well. If one desires to shine a light on the cockroaches, head to and head to the section titled “How To Fight Back.” Beyond that, NEVER give these trolls your attention. You’re now a ‘celebrity’. Behave as such. Always don your DARK LENSE sunglasses, and have earphones/earbuds on/in your ears (whether plugged in or not). It may behoove you to purchase “spy camera” glasses (GEEK, by Wish, Inc.; app on Google Play Store, very secure) to record the details of events when the trolls come out from under their bridge.

Finally, realize and accept that this more than likely will last your entire life, and follow you no matter how far you travel/run. Follow the advice and heed the info from the sources I cited and you will greatly lessen the effects. And rejoice in watching the trolls’ “handlers” replacing your stalkers (perps) so frequently that YOU begin to disrupt THEIR lives/schedules, creating massive anxiety/frustration in them, which makes all of them close to ineffective. Oh, and the best part: the ones you see/sniff out are EXPECTED to be uncovered/found out. The second team, the ones you DON’T see ARE THERE, waiting for you to relax so they can “H Bomb” you into anchoring new triggers. Be well. Give them hell.

Righteous Indignation says:

This is just typical Mike blather

– “Gang Stalking In America: Just The Facts, part 1” (and 2&3) (YouTube)
– GaruchillaJoe’s youtube channel

You may also want to peruse my various replies on this subject above, but I’ve shared all I learned, over the last 6 years, from the individuals and info I cited above. Stay strong. Be well. Give them hell.

Righteous Indignation says:

This is just typical Mike blather

Mr. Farmer,
Stating opinions/personal fears/grudges as fact is misleading and dangerous. Please cite your references, or conduct your research in a more careful manner. And please, exercise more care when “shoulding” all over the page. Also a misleading and dangerous practice. Your opinions are yours, yet NOT facts. With utmost respect, cheers.

Righteous Indignation says:

stalking neighbors

Your city has CCTV Camera Laws in effect. EVERY city in the U.S. has them. Read them, know them, and report offenders accordingly.

However, if your neighbors believe you’re involved in criminal activity, and go to the police with that belief, they can be exempted from the surveillance if it was your municipality that installed the devices. And remember: it’s the devices you DON’T see that can/will have the most lasting effect, positive or negative.

Mary Robersonf (profile) says:

Neighbor spying at front and main deck which includes hottub

I built my house 38yrs ago. Have had the cooperation of 38yrs & 5 owners to adjoining property. For that long, I have walked trails and road (which I have an easement for) and 3 wks ago, 5yrs 2 months after this owner buying property, He told he I was trespassing and would call sheriff. Fast forward to 1 week ago, he ran a barb wire fence 10 ft from my deck. And mind you, his house is 90 acres away so security is not the issue. He has a gate at entrance of his property that everyone is video coming and going. I just discovered a video aimed at front of my house and South deck which I use as entertaining and hot tub is on that deck. I was told by law enforcement that he is legal because his land but he has no security issue as he film us coming and leaving our land. He will say it is game camera but why is most of my house viewed for wild game? Somewhere I ran across statement that says video is legal in public places, this is not public land…it is mine and his. The privacy laws this country are atrocious, if perverts can do this to law abiding citizens!

Yanmei says:


Yes that’s correct! My neighbor keeps on watching wherever I go in the house but still he sees me. I’m getting very mad and I liked to punch him in the face for humiliating my family but I had no proof but I know and I hear their voices they spreading all what they’ve seen, they let their friends know but they keep it secretly. When I went outside I saw them laughing I think they talking about me & my wife. When we almost near them walking they suddenly stop and stare on us.
Please help me remove the cam or what ever is that thing I’ve already turn the house up and down

laura says:

This is just typical Mike blather

I am surrounded in my home, i purchased a year ago, by neighbors (2 old homosexual men), old woman&husband, and young punk across from my home, that spend their entire days listening to all my cell calls, cameras they installed in every room watching me 24/7. Pathetic low lifes have nothing in their own life, so they have made my life their “entertainment”. Check out articles on “Trouble with Neighbors”. I have had no help from police (good chance they are working with these losers. Keep in touch and i will soon have answer for you.

Eric says:


I too have problem from spooks monitoring me and although have ADT security (pretty useless after tampering), while away for week visiting friend Gold Coast, broken into, power system turned off and unit tampered with. Family photos going back 50 years stolen. Luckily I can get them again. Jewish criminal gang who are wealthy with 10 houses at least in this area, doing this in my case. Moirs & others. Have ability to break through deadlocks etc. Vermin. They are not doing this to gain anything, just to show what low life they are. Police will do nothing about it. I have to have surveillance pics to prove before they will act. They have ability to beam me with radiation and using this for surveillance. Monitoring me 24hr a day.

HiddenMan (profile) says:

If you know they’ve already broken in, then why not capture them using video? Setup a camera inside your home, and then deliberately stay away from home long enough to encourage yet another break-in. Once this occurs, you should have sufficient evidence to take to the police and setup a case.

Make sure the camera is setup in a place where it cannot be found by anyone easily. A covert camera, hidden inside some type of household item would probably work best. Make sure it has microphone capabilities as well, or purchase one of those digital voice recorders, and stash it inside the room with the camera as well. That way you have audio and video evidence of the incident.

Let me know what you think. This is exactly why I want to setup the website. I am going through with the project. I’ll share the endeavor soon enough.

cynthia says:


I have proof of satellite survailance being used illegally in the south after i was raped in desoto county jail in hernando ms and stated i was gonna be used for medical research held down by chad wicker, craig and chris sheley and some guys from narcotics while dr thompson and april box used bio medical equipment hooked to russian satellite system approved by jim hood and jeff sessions lasered numbers on my spine and radioactive implants placed for research and told in the south 5oo people will be sold per week overseas because this doctor thompson is allowed by jim hood and jeff sessions to place research equipment in all hospitals so more doctors interested in this overrseas research with several senators pushing this thru like senator wicker for huge profits of money and the kick back is our nerves and spine become their playing field. I have been lasered so bad and all my xrays show chips and wires down my spine but dont trust your doctor to tell you bc more than lickly he or she is getting paid and so far one out of five can see the numbers on my spine. This is so sick. I worked as a registered nurse and saved peoples lives and ms has satellite survailance over every every house due to drug courts placing this over every addicts house and head and then dr thompson uses the radiation provided thru this state and big people getting paid to kill us. I have so much evidence but when dr natarjan of memohis nuerology stated in front of nurse amber he seen the implants and numbers jim hood called him and told him if he wrote that then he would be sold to russia but he could get the equipment and take part in research using lasers and radar. Now if you go to spymesat app and turn the radar on that comes with app people can see all the foreign satellites coming thru the south on jeff sessions and someone big in our military over national security selling americans and collecting on our on survailance system. It states operation sensor activation which chips in us all bc overseas has been making our surgery supplies and needles even child school shots. 6625883235 call if interested in seeing numbers lasered on my spine and personally showed this state system being abused in hernando ms at desoto county sheriffs dept and stay away from electronic monitored jails bc they leave the overhead view survailance on peoples heads leaving their jails to sale overseas and to allow russia to come thru the united states state system. So pathetic we have sick officers and doctors that work for other countries to sell our children and people for chemical research. I have arsenic,lead, and mercury found in my urine and seen a doctor today that said she could not help me bc this program i am in can spray me with chemicals and nothing she could do bc senator wicker called her and said since i am on state probation this is a legal chemical research program for the military. what do i do and everyone i show like the ms feds just agree it is wrong but are doing nothing. If you know of anything i can do plz email me at

Good guys still exist says:

Protect your childbearing age family members

I have read other blog entries and from personal experience realize there is a pyramid organizational structure for exploiting innocent families used by organized crime for whatever fits their collective needs at the time.

They Benefit socially (bragging rights), financially and personally from exploitive acts.
Unfortunately, org crime can have a loose definition depending on other factors.

In my personal experience, org crime is la cosa nostra in Ann Arbor mi …entertainment for the medical/financial and academic so called elite trickling down to whoever is greedy enough to take their bait and participate in illegal activities including voyerism of innocent families sex lives and of their children, torturing, murdering but making it appear like natural progression of disease, gaslighting those that threaten exposure or harassment.
Using this surveillance clandestinely to gain data for collaborative interdepartmental research on whatever they want.

My family was exploited by perverts in politics, municipal positions, dental, psych, anesthesia, neuroscience, engineering, public health, social work, and medical school (residents) to name just a few. Without knowing for decades… We supplied them with observational and medical data (stem cell line) to allow them to advance their own lame careers and justify grants over the years. Medical tests and labs were altered/switched to cover sequelae of clandestine trafficking ring within and around academic and medical community. It hasn’t stopped , it’s like blood suckers around an injured animal. Told to treat us with contempt so that we will be easier targets. now we are being used for brain mapping and other dangerous debilitating/fatal testing I believe probably aligned with consciousness/brain project initiative and nih.
Police acquiesced sadly when I went to report incident as soon as I was made aware of exploitation. I noticed a federal employee giving orders to the front desk officer when I went to report what I thought was only cybercrime at the time now I know it is human trafficking he told the desk officer to gaslight me and my father. It was unfortunate. They also chanted the name of a obgyn from my previous employement Attempting to intimidate. Also a shame. They also had an agent say his name was an arch angel. Again mimicking for reasons I still do not know.

I have been bullied and researched at work , vide taped gaslighted, gangstalked, cyberstalked, voyeurized, raped, trafficked, gametes procured, now am harassed by neighbors I don’t even know but that appear to be employed by university /hospital/ car franchise/ or securities firm.

My medical tests and labs and results have been frauded. People that claim to be my nurses at my doctors office stalked me around Ann Arbor and followed me on airplane to Florida then followed me around Florida.

All to harm me physically and emotionally. I have been targeted by energy weapons, targeting my head, my breast tail of Spence and ovarian area. Almost as if someone out there wants me to suffer breast and ovarian cancer like their family and friends have suffered.

Thereby taking out the very person who can expose those who have children and grandchildren with my and my siblings genetics! Illegally procured! Someone wants to harm or kill me. I have seen a psychiatrist and been cleared of mental health issue and all brain and body scans I was told by uofm and Sjmhs doctors were clear of disease.
Incidentally the number of brain tumors and neurodegenerative deseases (ie parkinsons) in this poor neighborhood are remarkable! Not related to environment per say, probably related to this clandestine brain initiative mapping research!

This surveillance of our family led to horrible exposure of innocent children(my siblings and I and our friends) to this clandestine pervert network. I and my siblings while growing up were surveyed, stalked, drugged, befriended by children of those involved in the ring, coerced, and then assaulted by homosexual/bisexual criminals and tracked so that we could supply the (professional group/including green hills alumni thugs) eggs and sperm to be frozen and sold to themselves or others. They used this surveillance footage or photographed documentary as advertisement for potential infertile buyers bc we are “good people”. Aka bright, caring, hardworking people! We must have been a hot seller bc it continued for years and only now do i see what they are doing. Art reproductive technology is evolving to three parent transfers and other innovative techniques- so now you may not be able to tell who’s gamete supplies phenotypically just genetically making this ring more lucrative. Those that used eggs or sperm from our family have purposefully befriended next generation who are genetically related to their child(ren).. (Ie those like Hoffman and stockard). Mimicking our lifestyle and activities. I don’t know if they are trying to help others get as good of a kid as what they got so they have agreed to hit the next generation or are being blackmail? This includes real estate folks, police, corrupt federal law enforcement, gov officials, municipal officials, social workers esp those that work as “therapists” And say they are Christians but are not. college kids and kids of those highly involved in the org crime activities. Perverts like to socialize with other perverts. Maybe this makes them feel less like pedifiles and rapists. The end does not justify the means. Fertility drugs cause cancer and procedures to procure gamates are not benign! Long use sedation drugs for repeated procedures and rape cause sequelae! Mind control techniques are damaging! To me I don’t see a big difference, a pedifile is a pedifile no matter what they wear or with whom they socialize. A rapist is a rapist! Those that knowingly used this trafficking gamete ring should NOT be allowed to be parents and the children should be given to adoptive deserving parents and the perverts should go to prison!!!
large human subject research grants are unveiling, translational hot topics by using the targeted group as proof of concept. I believe they use medical and academic collaboration to pull off this stalking/ surveillance and justify it as “in the name of science” in addition as advertisement for products of reproduction and sex trafficking to homo/bisexual rapists. so they get the most bang for their buck so to speak. Human trafficking And academic researchers using me and my family as well as others in a poorer neighborhood in a popular academic/medical community in the Midwest.
Financial, academic, political. Medical nurses and doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, security venture capitalists beta testing new equipment to sell to gov, Academic computer engineers, corrupt Apple/google rogue workers, biomedical academics or personnel, pharmaceutical folks, realtors, Masons, jahovas witness, marines united, social media, video games. Bad people who do bad things never want to be caught but also do not want to be in the swamp alone. I agree with one blogger who said it involves perverts that hide behind anonymity of social networking groups or pd cops Giving the venues bad rep when it’s not the technology that’s bad it’s the coward perverts that will be caught and brought to justice even if those perverts are hiding within the justice dept! Good people are still alive and well and will protect those that don’t yet realize they need protecting. Good will always rise to the top!

Tiffany Martins says:

Way out

I will advise you Install Zeal-spy app in your husband’s mobile phone and track. I needed to post this because i appreciate the good things done in my matrimonial home today. right now my husband and i live happier then before, I hired this professional hacker to hack into incoming messages of my husband cell phone and sent outgoing messages as if my phone were the original one. firstly, he’s very picky with his job so to tell him TIFFANY from ohio referred you. He was my old time class mate and He’s now married with two kids in califonia. We met again two month back so later i called him telling him i needed to know why my husband always give his officially work as an excuses every time he want to leave the house and i suspect he’s seeing another woman. i needed my hacker to interfer and he only ask for some minnor details of him
honestly he allow me see all his whatsapp, messenger and even phone conversations was wired directly to my cellphone. Notablespy helped me put a round-the-clock monitoring on him and I got concrete evidence to show but i see he was really after his job and each times he calls me then he really must be missing me. I was so happy with him and this brought us closer and i’m always there for him at the right time. i had never cheated on my husband so i only used the hacking sometime and we keep loving. mail him direaactly and be safe as well

Leena says:


I’m being stalk and harrasment with neighbors and feel like I’m being follow constantly. I’m not bothering anyone but stay to myself. But every time I turn around I keep seeing the same car park right in front of my house sitting there for a very long time with his head lights on right across from my house. This is street harrasment and neighbors. What can I do? Please help

Anonymous Coward says:


you also have to consider the intelligence of these “gang stalkers”
they would have all the info they wanted/needed if they were government, so you can rule that out. cameras in your garage??? really? highly illegal. so you can assume they are idiots who have no lives and are just pieces of shit. and if you dont care about any of your shit making it to the internet then i would say just dont worry about it. but if you want to catch these losers then make sure all evidence collected is not on the computer and when they finally realize what you have done or are doing they will end up in prison. it does take some time but some people like wasting their lives doing dumb shit. if you have run across this type of moron then minimal effort is needed to stop the “stupidity” just time, unfortunately on your part. i would let them continue being morons and it wont take too much longer. so hang in there and soon your life will be loser-proof. but you have to alaccept that there will be people dumb enough to not care about doing time in jail and/or prison and those people have the consequences of being that way with no understanding of how to actually be socially accepted/smart/useful in any way
so if you want to spend money dont spend much because if they arent smart you can easily take care of this by yourself and if they have more than half a brain they would stop before they get caught. if you do want to spend money i can give you some cost effective ways to stop this but again be patient. if you do have the money there are quicker ways to stop this retarded shit. i guess you could try to figure out what these “special” people want to record this useless info for in the first place. And if they ever approach you why not talk to them. its fun. If they ever try to hurt you physically, trust me they wont, then you can assume that they are as weak physically as they are mentally, so you dont have anything to worry about. if there is more than one, even better. If you are a smart person you should be able to take care of this, no problem. But until it gets taken care of act like this is the worst thing ever and make them think its actually bothering you. Have fun with it but if it actually bothers you then you could shoot them or twiddle your thumbs knowing that a bunch of losers are getting to you. stupid people cant be helped but they can be stopped so keep your head up

Anonymous Coward says:


dont taunt them until you know you got them by the balls. and do some dumb things that they can see so it seems like you dont know what you are doing. then they will in turn do more dumb shit. multi task for instance while wasting time typing this be recording or be doing something productive while wasting their useless lives

Lazarus (profile) says:


Hi. Yes its completely true, you can search online and YouTube it, but that’s exactly what they use, really high tech equipment where they can see through walls and floors and hear you. No more need to secretly break into someone’s home and install hidden spycams and microphones that’s ancient technology, that’s how they used to do it years ago. The see thru wall technology is actually old gear also, they´ve been using for years. Its the new world order satanic programs. Its all for evil human experimentation depopulation control and enslavement programs. Its the new world order global deception even for the organized gang stalkers, they just don’t know it yet. The n.w.o. is just lying and using the world to accept the n.w.o. and its a massive enslavement depopulation agenda.

Lazarus (profile) says:

This is just typical Mike blather

Same here my friend. I have been targeted since my elementary school years all the way to now and I’m 48. Ive been through car accidents, motorcycle accidents they broke my pelvis was on crutches for 4 months, food poisonings, home break-ins home vandalism, car vandalism, computer crashing, breaking, missing files documents, home noise campaigns by all neighbors, smear campaigns, work place mobbing, and even Christian churches participating in organized gang stalking, my whole family, and friends ex-wife etc. Ive done extensive research and it comes down to the new world order satanic mark of the beast system. Its all so the n.w.o. can come into final completion and take over the world. The organized gang stalkers are being tricked and lied to by the n.w.o. because they also are being secretly killed with global depopulation, chemtrails, fluoride in water, gmo foods etc. The n.w.o. just easily recruits gang stalkers to simply accept the new world order. Its a big scam death trap even for them. They don’t know it.

cai houston says:

being watched to death

I sucessfuly worked for a gov. Research Lab for 18yrs. And it all started about 11/2 before they put me on disability which was abut 18yrs ago so a total of 36yrs. within that initial yr i noticed i was being followed, so i bought a police scanner an to my amazement what i was hearing was matching what i was observing.this went on about another 5 or 6 yrs. Today it turns out that Lab operations and now it seems everyone around me is all up in my business. Now i catch wind that a conspiracy of murder my be looming. this means i really have no friends. my nerves are taking a beating,and i dont understand how people could do this to another. the only motive is money but i dont know how. to me the only important thing is how to stay alive when the people you thought were friends are not.