Wired To Publish Details Of Slammer Code

from the good-or-bad? dept

I’m sure this story will get a lot of coverage, but the latest Wired Magazine that comes out next week is going to include a detailed story about the Slammer worm that took down large segments of the internet for a short period of time. The controversy is over the fact that the article shows the actual code, and details how it works. Things like this, of course, always seem to upset security “experts” who don’t like this info to get out there. However, as one of the editors at Wired says: “The people who are in a position to wreak havoc on the Internet don’t have to read about it on Wired. But the people who are in a position to prevent it from happening do read Wired.” In the end, this seems more like a publicity stunt by Wired than anything to be concerned about.

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Comments on “Wired To Publish Details Of Slammer Code”

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1 Comment
The Pyro Beastial Necrofeliac (user link) says:

No Subject Given

As the writer and copyright holder on Slammer, I object. They are giving away trade secrets. As a result, I’m sure slammer code will appear in Windows, and other variant viruses. I will now envoke the DCMA. Ahem… there the DCMA is now envoked… I’m going to file for a court order and get the addresses of Wired’s editorial staff. Give them a piece of my mind.

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