Venture Capital Thawing Out?

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Since mid-to-late March I’ve been hearing a lot more stories of venture capitalists doing deals that sound a lot more like deals done in the mid-nineties, than the ones done over the past three years. There’s at least been some evidence that VCs are (1) realizing that they’re sitting on a ton of money (2) valuations are cheap and (3) there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for the economic downturn. Plenty of startups are now saying that VCs are actually chasing them, rather than the other way around. Of course, VCs loosening their purse strings doesn’t mean they won’t be funding overhyped companies – and many companies with seasoned execs are trying to avoid VCs altogether. However, for folks in Silicon Valley who seem to think our entire economy is based on how much VCs are putting into companies, this is probably good news.

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Comments on “Venture Capital Thawing Out?”

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1 Comment
The Pyro Beastial Necrofeliac (user link) says:

No Subject Given

Nice. Maybe they’ll fund my idea for putting radio chips in rat penises. You see, this way, when you staple a rat to your purchase at wall mart, they’ll be able to track it because of the chip in it’s penis.

I think it’s a winner. And I can turn around and start putting chips in rat penises for as little as $20m.

Talks about savings!

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