File-Sharing Networks May Battle Each Other

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Because they’re such big supporters of intellectual property (yes, there’s some sarcasm here), Brilliant Digital, the folks behind Altnet – and possibly behind Kazaa as well, have announced that they’re going to go after every other file sharing network they can find for patent infringement. The company claims they own a patent on using a hash to identify files. Of course, this comes right after the company announced they’re basically out of money.

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Comments on “File-Sharing Networks May Battle Each Other”

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The Pyro Beastial Necrofeliac (user link) says:

Re: patently obvious

Well yes, but then they couldn’t approve as many patents if they did it that way. I think the rational with the current regime is approve as much as possible, and let the courts sort it out. Unfortunately, the courts don’t really care either. At some point, this is going to get real sticky if people don’t start doing their jobs.

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