Wal-Mart To Throw Its Weight Behind RFID

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With all the talk about whether or not retailers would adopt RFID tags, there was always a question of when a major retailer would adopt them. Well, wait no longer. Wal-Mart is planning to announce next week that they’re adopting RFID in a big way. They plan to use RFID tags throughout their business within two years. With Wal-Mart throwing their weight behind the technology, you can bet that many other retailers will quickly follow. Of course, what hasn’t been answered (and isn’t addressed in the article at all) is how Wal-Mart plans to deal with the privacy issues associated with RFID tags. While there’s been some talk of adding a kill switch to the tags, it’s unclear if that’s going to be adopted.

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Comments on “Wal-Mart To Throw Its Weight Behind RFID”

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Anon (user link) says:

Re: 666 The Number of the beast

Short time before the mark is on our skin.

Its a pity cause I love wal-mart.

Also you know law enforcement will have access if not co-located facilities to monitor all their rfid tags.

I assume that all the stores will have some kind of client/server that relays it to some central database at HQ, the goverment will be located at each corporate HQ thus making it invisible to all customers and all but the highest company officers and engineers.

The gov has monitoring station in every major telecom company. One of the places I worked had a goverment GPS system that they installed and maintained and we just monitored for errors.

There really is no such thing as privacy anymore.

The Mark will come soon..and anyone who wont take it..they will know where you are 247..plus all the rest of the Drones

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