Anatomy Of A Penis Pill Swindle

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If you get spam, and you probably do, you’ve almost definitely received plenty of messages offering to enlarge certain anatomical assets… some of which you might not have, depending on your gender. MSNBC, continuing their “all scams, all the time” coverage, has the story behind one such company pitching these pills via spam that has been shut down. First, the stunning part. They actually sold $74 million worth of this crap. The company sold penis enlargement and breast enlargement pills, along with pills to make you taller, hairier or to improve your golf game. The company made 90% of their revenue selling the penis pills, though. To the surprise of absolutely no one, researchers discovered that all of the pills were exactly the same. Despite claims on the website, there was no scientific proof that the pills did anything – and, in fact, the ingredients were chosen by looking at other similar products on the web and choosing similar ingredients. Even worse, most people admit that the company wouldn’t have been shut down if they hadn’t also been fraudulently charging customers’ credit cards after they had called to cancel their “auto delivery” of more such pills. So, let’s see… the company was selling bogus pills with bogus claims on their website, they were spamming, and they were fraudulently charging credit cards. Sounds like a real winning organization. Meanwhile, the FTC ignored this case because they felt that there was no immediate harm being cause to those suckers who bought into the claims. Instead it was local authorities in Arizona who finally took the company down.

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Comments on “Anatomy Of A Penis Pill Swindle”

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Anonymous Coward says:

What will the next generation bring?

Back in the 19th century, Sears mail order catalogs advertised magnetic shoe inserts that were supposed to cure cupidity (i.e. boys who flapped their wings with other boys), do-it-yourself hysterectomy kits in which fathers on the Western frontier could cure their hysterical adolescent daughters.

Yeah, how about pills that either cause or cure cupidity? If it works too well, gays might even join the NRA.

Anonymous Coward says:

Why the flying Fsck would anyone want a larger uni

I mean really… the purpose of the male “unit”, as far as I can tell, is to facilitate the endrophine cascade that ensues upon successful release of genetic material.

I this technical analysis, please note that the female of the species is not a requirement (besides, I know plenty of females who the *dread* the prospect of an encounter with a “unit” too large… the subsquent required appesiamoity is not exactly a turn on).

One of the things watching way too much pr0n has taught me is that large units are far more difficult to errect… why the hell would anyone want to be dependant on viagra to get to that final destination?

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