No Rise In Cancer Since Cellphones Launched

from the one-more-study-to-add-to-the-fire dept

The latest study on the question of whether or not mobile phones cause cancer looked at the overall population and claims that there’s been no increase in cases of cancer since the cellphone was introduced – despite pretty widespread usage. Since it seems like every other study on this topic comes up with contradictory results, it’s tough to give too much weight to any single study, but this one seemed worth mentioning.

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Comments on “No Rise In Cancer Since Cellphones Launched”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Example of credibility crisis

Actually, this is a case of fear mongerers trying to sell their cell phone “shields”. This urban legend got its start from Motorola’s CEO getting brain cancer, and some people said it was because he used the mobile phone too much.

Reputable research has found no evidence linking cancer to electromagnetic fields, such as those emitted by cell phones. Mice have been placed in cages for generations with electromagnetic fields thousands of times more powerful than anything emitted by cell phones or power lines, with no cancer.

However, the ignorant masses, angry at the state of managed health care, may refuse to believe researchers.

Jared says:

Re: Example of credibility crisis

Agreed. Most terrestrial EMF sources both natural and artificial are at far too low of an energy to cause the kind of damage that would result in a possible cancer. Most “evidence” of it is the result of urban legend, wishful thinking or the fear mongerers.

Thanks AC for posting a link like that. People always want a reason to be angry at poor health and will blame whatever’s available. The only thing we can do is take those reasons away one at a time.

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