TV Show For Cats Debuts

from the scary dept

In a gimmick that wouldn’t have been out of place during the dot com boom, Oxygen TV is getting set to debut a TV show for cats. Not for their owners and not about cats, but actually for the cats to watch themselves. If my experience with cats and watching TV is any indication, they might glance at it, but won’t pay too much attention to it. It sounds much more like a gimmick to get cat owners to watch some commercials for cat food.

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Comments on “TV Show For Cats Debuts”

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cow head tree cow head tree cow head tree says:

cat programming

My cats won’t watch the screen unless theres a very simple shape moving around sporadically. If there’s an actual image of something, forget it.

The last tv show I saw that amused a cat was a home improvement show that was talking about how toilets are made. The camera settles on a full screen picture of water spiralling down the hole… an entire screen of white with a dark rippling tunnel in the middle. The cat I was carrying came away with some of my skin…

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