Reporter Discovers Spoofed Spams

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It’s a bit amusing to me that back when I first wrote my article about how a spammer spoofed my email address, it was rejected from a few different publications. I was told that (a) “this is no different than every spam story” and (b) “if there’s no way to prevent it, why should we bother writing about it”. Since then, it appears that some publications are starting to catch on. Of course, it always seems to wait until a reporter (or editor) has the experience happen to themselves before they realize just how destructive it can be when your email box is full of bounces from spam you didn’t send. A reporter from the NY Times recently experienced this, and now a reporter from PC World is writing about the same thing after getting just two such bounces. From the stories I’ve heard (mostly due to people finding my story), the problem is getting worse. People who aren’t that tech savvy get swamped with bounces and have no idea what hit them. I’ve heard people complain that their accounts had been hijacked and they didn’t know what to do, or to wonder what they could do to make it stop. I’m glad to see more reporters covering this time of spam attack, as I think it really deserves a lot more attention.

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Comments on “Reporter Discovers Spoofed Spams”

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1 Comment
Anonymoose Cow-ard says:

Ahead of your time?

I’ve been coming to for several years and I’ve always found that Mike was ahead of all the major media sites about most technical topics.

Just face it Mike, you’re a man ahead of your time! Everybody else is playing catch-up to you. If you could only somehow make oodles of money from that skill, you’d be set for life.


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