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Cellphones Got Game

from the but-is-that-what-we-want? dept

People are increasingly playing video games on their mobile phones. As the phones have gotten more powerful, the networks faster, and the screens better, they’ve really taken off as a platform for gaming. That’s making some people wonder if pervasive gaming is a good thing? This is, of course, the same sort of worrying that seems to show up about any new technology. It lets us do more, but takes away our “downtime”. That’s always been true of mobile phones. The same arguments have been made about television and computers as well. It’s not going to slow anything down. In the end, it just opens up more options. It’s not like there’s anyone out there forcing you to play video games on your mobile phone all the time. If you want some “downtime”, leave the phone alone.

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Comments on “Cellphones Got Game”

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1 Comment
saleh says:

The article misses the point

I’m a gamer, and the article completely ignores one of the biggest factors in portable gaming — it takes what would be a waste of time and turns it into an entertaining waste of time.

Waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting for an appointment to begin, waiting for the gas to pump… these 3 to 15 minute snippets of time that consume hours each week can now be entertaining.

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