Larry Lessig Tries To Sign Contract With Spammers

from the hmm... dept

Larry Lessig has posted a short “contract” to his blog with a specific email address, saying that any spammer who sends spam to that address agrees to the contract – which requires them to pay him $500 (and any legal fees). I’ve heard of similar attempts at doing something like this – though, not in association with a specific email address designed for that purpose alone. Also, I do wonder how legally binding the “contract” is – though, you would assume that Lessig would understand that issue better than I do (being a law professor after all). He’ll also need to track down the actual spammer – which isn’t very easy. However, knowing his previous ideas on creating a “spam bounty”, clearly he believes that tracking down spammers is possible. The one thing this is likely to do is draw more attention to his ideas of tracking down spammers and suing them. If he catches one, knowing his popularity, it would get a lot of publicity.

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