ISPs Aim To Cut Hidden Costs Of Net Filesharing

from the double-edged-sword dept

This is a similar story to one we had last week discussing whether or not broadband ISPs can force their customers to cut back on file-sharing. At least this article admits it’s a “double-edged sword”, since one of the incentives people had to sign up for broadband in the first place was so they could use file sharing applications. Besides, if they can’t handle people using the broadband they’re providing – why did they offer it in the first place? Isn’t it misleading advertising for them to sign people up under the belief that they’re getting this bandwidth to use, only to have the ISP then turn around and say, “well, we didn’t realize you were actually going to use all that bandwidth”.

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Comments on “ISPs Aim To Cut Hidden Costs Of Net Filesharing”

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Rory (user link) says:

real cost of bandwidth

Somebody buys the bandwidth. When you get a cable modem at 1Mbs, you are using about 60 percent of a t1. All data circuits that you buy from communications companies are tarrifed and regulated by the PUC, so prices are similar everywhere. A steal of a deal for a t1 is 600 USD a month. If you are downloading stuff 24/7 you are using about 400 bucks worth of bandwidth, and paying 50. Why are cable rates going up? Why are all the phone companies losing money? Hmmm…..

Mark F. says:

Re: real cost of bandwidth


A t1 is always a t1 – period. When you lease the bandwidth of a t1 – you get it or your provider fixes it and you will get a credit for lost bandwidth. btw: t1 can be had for $399 to $499 in the NW Chicago burbs.

Talk about the ultimate file sharing!!! A cable connection can be affected by everyone on the loop and has NO FIXED SPEED – read the fine print. You can’t request a refund or payment correction unless the service is DOWN for a certian amount of time. Slow speed and/or poor performance IS NOT DOWN. The best you will get is “We’re sorry for any problems …” read off of a little card by someone with (you hope) a highschool education.

Oh, regarding financial losses – every time one of the officers in a public utility gets a bonus for a “job well done” – the utility will of course lose money.


jon787 (user link) says:

Re: real cost of bandwidth

They advertised 1Mbps speed, if they can’t deliver on that promise, then they might have bigger issues to worry about than paying for bandwidth.
It does seem obvious. You can’t be making a profit while selling a service that is 20 times faster than dialup at only twice the price. Unless you subsidize the cost in another way.

Some Guy (user link) says:

Re: real cost of bandwidth

Disabuse yourself of the notion that cable companies are using $600 t1’s. they’re getting real circuits, like ds3’s or oc12’s or bigger. they are paying wholesale, not T1 rates.
Also, you are unlike most cable modem customers, in that usually the others stop masturbating for 8 or so hours each night and sleep.
There you have it, the ‘dirt’ on ‘tech’. ugh. i’m going to go wash now.
Some Guy

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