High Speed With The Highest Anxiety

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It appears that telecom company execs really have no clue about where their industry is going and aren’t sure what to do next. From this article about a recent telecom industry conference, it sounds like most telecom firms are on the defensive, and are scared of new technologies, having no idea how any of this will play out. Of course, that’s the type of situation that is ripe for a single company to take a stand and really embrace new technologies and offer enhanced services that customers really want. Whether or not there’s anyone in the telecom industry willing to go that far remains to be seen, as they’re not exactly known for their risk-taking behavior.

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Comments on “High Speed With The Highest Anxiety”

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mike (profile) says:

cust service

These guys need to realize that all of the new whiz-bang products are not what’s going to save the industry. It’s hiring good people whon are willing to help customers when they need it. I’ve been on that front line for about a year and going the extra mile makes people happy and kills churn. DSL is great, but we make more money selling caller id on a bunch of lines and we don’t have the customer support issues. The KISS principle is very important in an overly complicated business. Now if I can just get Dick Notebaert to promote me to be his reality check….

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