Broadband Central Makes Wireless Push

Broadband Central, a relatively new wireless company that just settled on a product strategy a few months ago, is planning to set up WiFi-based antennas that can then serve fixed-wireless broadband access to the home (or to businesses) in seven states across the western US. Basically, they’re looking to compete with cable and DSL provides. While I agree that this strategy makes more sense than their original plan (helping people set up their own WiFi networks), I wonder about the business model. Each of their antennas can only cover a small area (about a mile), and they need to make back the associated costs within that area. They’re trying to do so with rapid expansion, in an attempt to serve “second-tier” markets. The problem with second-tier markets, of course, is that they’re second-tier for a reason. While I like the idea of anyone challenging the cable/DSL guys (especially with wireless), I’m still a bit skeptical that the economics of this plan will make sense.

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