802.11g Throttles Data Rates Down

As the 802.11g standard nears completion, the people behind it admit that they’ve cut the actual speeds significantly down from the announced 54Mbit/sec to somewhere between 10M and 20Mbit/sec. Of course, for years we’ve been hearing that 802.11b was 11Mbit/sec when it was unlikely to get anywhere near that, so this is good, if they’re being more honest. I just wonder if it means that actual throughput will be even lower still. Update: As pointed out in the comments, there’s a lot more to this story than meets the eye. Derek is suggesting that this is really a smear campaign from a company that bet on 802.11a and lost. The real throughput of 802.11g has been discussed for months, and this is no surprise. For more details read the comments.

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