Auto Black-Box Data Turning Up In Courtrooms

from the does-your-car-have-one? dept

It turns out that plenty of new cars these days include their own data recorder “black boxes”, and that data is increasingly showing up in court cases involving accidents. Most people have no idea that their cars include such black boxes, and most car makers aren’t particularly forthcoming about the technology. I know there have been lawsuits against the technology in the past (for privacy violations), but it appears that they’re becoming a standard feature these days.

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Comments on “Auto Black-Box Data Turning Up In Courtrooms”

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1 Comment
Logan Diagnostic (user link) says:

Black box ....really SDM module

We actually have the equipment that can recover the black box crash data. See our website-

The black box is really called the SDM. SDM stand for the ‘sensing diagnostic module.’ The SDM is really the airbag module.

On the website there is a list of what cars have a SDM and where the SDM is located.


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