Hey SCO, Sue Me!

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As SCO continues with their ridiculous plan to antagonize everyone they can possibly think of, some Linux-geeks have come up with an amusing way to protest. They’re putting together a petition of Linux users, and telling SCO to go ahead and sue them. Earlier this week, of course, SCO made a lot of news for sending letters to large Linux-using corporations telling them they’re liable for any intellectual property infringement in the copies of Linux they use. The petition states, in response, “I am a Linux user. I feel that SCO’s tactics toward an operating system of my choice are unjust, ill founded and bizarre. I am willing to be sued because I am confident that SCO’s tactics toward Linux will fail. If I have published my email address as part of this petition it is so SCO representatives can email me and begin the process of serving me a court order.” Feel free to sign the petition yourself.

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Comments on “Hey SCO, Sue Me!”

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Anonymous Coward says:

What if


What is SCO’s right? What if *gasp* IBM actually *did* do something really bad? What if, shock of shocks, the 800-lb gorilla forgot it needed to act responsibly for once?

Probably you will just try to forget about it. After all, writing something not-negative about SCO is apparently not permitted.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: What if

Okay, you seem to have mistaken me for someone else. I’m the first person around here to admit when I’m wrong. However, this is pretty clearly a bullshit claim. It’s not so much the IBM suit that bothers me (you seem to have forgotten that I didn’t spend much time when SCO first announced the suit against IBM), but the fact that they’ve announced plans to go after *everyone*.

Besides, I’m pretty consistently against any kind of software patents around here. I think it’s a bad business model, and it does more harm for *your own* market.

Besides, SCO was selling their own version of Linux, so they’ve pretty much killed any claim on that one.

alternatives() says:

Re: Re: What if

pretty clearly a bullshit claim

What makes it a ‘bullshit claim’?

GNU/Linux has more than one occurance of taking others code, removing copywrite info, and putting a GPL on the code.

What SCO doesn’t get is if they win, people will just move in-mass off of GNU/Linux to BSD. Yea! SCO wins an empty bag! And BSD, having settled matters years ago, would be even a BIGGER fight for SCO.

DV Henkel-Wallace says:

Re: Re: Re: What if

GNU/Linux has more than one occurance of taking others code, removing copywrite info, and putting a GPL on the code.

Really? I’m not trying to be a troll: I’d be very interested in any example of this.

I am aware that some code that was released under the Berkeley copyright has been integrated into GNU code but in those cases I believe the Berkeley rules were also followed (by preserving the notice in the source along with the GPL). Is there any other case?

alternatives says:

Re: Re: Re:2 What if

Care to provide some examples?

I’ve already said 2. But you must be:
1) So uneducated about GNU/Linux and BSD, you don’t know where to work
2) A troll
3) To lazy to go look them up.

In the interest of educating you:

You can pay me for my time to go back thru the 2.0.X series to find the ‘remove the BSD copyright’ file.

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