Can Investors Learn To Love Spam?

from the every-problem-is-an-opportunity dept

Over at Business 2.0, they’re wondering if the recent that the “spam problem” is getting is going to start attracting more investors, who will look to fund ways to deal with spam. Of cours, judging by the ridiculous number of companies out there that are already attacking the spam issue – many doing so with venture backing – it would seem like something of a saturated market. At the same time, you always have to wonder a little bit about any business that would go out of business if they’re completely successful. If these spam companies can really eradicate spam… then who needs them anymore? So, there are clearly mixed incentives for any such company – and that would make me wonder just how big the opportunity really is. However, this article also brings up questions about the “unintended consequences” to solving spam. For example, the writer wonders if solving the spam problem will greatly decrease the number of routers and bandwidth certain companies need – leading to a Y2K-like glut of extra equipment out there.

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Comments on “Can Investors Learn To Love Spam?”

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dorpus says:

Internet Regulation Commission

In the early days of telephony, people set up wires running all over the place with no accountability. Obscene phone calls, electrical fires, etc. became a serious problem, so eventually the phone industry was consolidated into monopolies. The same could happen with the net — we’ll have national nets with firewalls and exorbitant charges.

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