Did Microsoft Steal The iLoo Concept?

from the so-very-Microsoft dept

Amazing. Microsoft certainly has the reputation of “borrowing” the ideas of others in determing which new products to create. However, I don’t think anyone expected them to have stolen the idea for the iLoo. What’s scary is they’re not even talking about the article in the Onion many people have brought up. Instead, there’s some guy who, while enrolled in school came up with an extraordinarily similar idea – which was also called the iLoo. Random aside, we first posted a story about the iLoo on May 2nd (a Friday). The following week, the Associated Press and/or Reuters picked up on the story, and lots of people started reading about it. Many of those people went to Google and did a search on the iLoo – and discovered that Techdirt was the first result, leading to lots of random extra traffic from people looking for an informational source about the iLoo. Ah, completely random, Google-induced fame.

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