Bidding For Trouble?

from the it's-not-easy-being-eBay dept

The Washington Post is now taking their turn running an article talking about all the scams showing up on eBay, and pointing out that they’re getting sneakier and more complex – often involving identity theft of some kind. Many people who use the site are complaining that eBay is slow to respond, or simply isn’t paying attention. When one seller complained that a scammer was using the same pictures the seller used for a scam auction, eBay said there wasn’t enough evidence that the picture was the same – even though, both had the seller’s dog in it. In a related story, an old-time eBay scammer who ran his scams the old-fashioned way (just posting items and never shipping them) has pleaded “no contest” to charges filed against him.

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Comments on “Bidding For Trouble?”

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1 Comment
Dr_Stein says:

It's true

eBay does *NOTHING* about scammers unless it’s a high dollar amount. –there’s yet another example.
eBay did nothing, even after we filed fraud complaints with them and PayPal. Other users also reported fraud from the same guy.

I will *NEVER* use PayPal to buy stuff off eBay ever again. Postal money order or nothing.

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