Taking Bluetooth For Granted

A good article talking about the general pattern of acceptance that many technology products go through. There’s lots of hype at the beginning, followed by a lull/backlash when people realize the new standard doesn’t do absolutely everything they wanted it to. Then, there’s the point where the initial bugs have been sorted out, and the technology starts showing up everywhere (hype, phase II). After this, once the technology works, and is found to be useful, it starts to fade into the background – and just be useful. This, apparently, is what the writer believes is happening with Bluetooth. He makes a very good point to demonstrate this. It used to be that you would see an advertisement for a “Bluetooth Keyboard!”. Now, the advertisements say “Keyboard! (with Bluetooth)”. Bluetooth may finally just be getting down to business, doing what it’s meant to do, without any of the hype.

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