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Buy Your Funeral Online

from the as-simple-as-a-few-clicks dept

Back in 1999, there was a big fight between old-time funeral home directors and (gasp!) those crazy independent online casket sellers. It appears that the funeral directors are losing, and more and more of the funeral business is moving online. Some funeral directors are trying to get with the times, and offer pricelists and other information online – but plenty are resisting. They claim that doing everything online “trivializes the gravity of death” (by which they probably mean: it removes their ability to charge exorbitant prices to a captive audience who is in mourning). The funeral directors even go so far as to claim that doing funeral preparations online, without the care and guidance (and fees) of a mortician could lead to psychological problems. That said, it appears more and more mourners are willing to take that “risk” and are looking at online options for preparing funerals.

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