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Inventor Claims He Can Make Things Invisible

from the it's-the-new-black dept

It seems like “invisible” is the “new black”. Researchers all around the world are working on ways to make things invisible. We had the Japanese scientist who had worked out a system to make things invisible by carefully placing cameras that project over a solid. Now, here’s another researcher that’s taking a similar concept even further, saying he can

camouflage almost anything by covering it with tiny reflective lenses that can “receive, transmit, and reflect” light from whatever surrounds the object. The guy working on it says it can definitley be done, and even believes that the US military is probably already using technology like this. The guy comes across in the article as a bit of a crackpot inventor, so I have no idea how valid his ideas are.

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Comments on “Inventor Claims He Can Make Things Invisible”

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Rick T says:

No Subject Given

What ever happened to “reduction to practice”? There’s no explanation of how to make a “directionally segmented pixel” or “controlling circuitry” – just concepts.

From the patent …
“Thousands of directionally segmented light receiving pixels and directionally segmented light sending pixels are affixed to the surface of the object to be concealed. …

… acting cooperatively through controlling electronic circuitry and logic render the asset invisible.”

dorpus says:


His website says:

“?Permission Marketing 101? – This special report describes a marketing technique that has created quite a buzz in the marketing profession. You will get the inside details useful for your own marketing efforts and for understanding when and how others are marketing to you.”

Incidentally, what happens when the thousands of little mirrors get dirty? Do you use a q-tip with windex and clean them one by one?

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