Slate Is Making Money?

from the astounding dept

Who would have thought it was possible? Slate, the online magazine backed by Microsoft (the only reason it’s still around) is now

claiming that it made more money then it spent last quarter. Of course, it has some benefits by being a part of Microsoft – in terms of the technology infrastructure to back it up. Still there are some signs quietly appearing that it is possible to make money in online content via advertising. Scary, but true.

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Comments on “Slate Is Making Money?”

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kai says:


This interested me because I’m a regular reader of slate, salon and the nytimes.

I thought we learned from techdirt that is also profitable. Yahoo’s news is probably profitable, and I imagine google’s news service is–or will be–profitable. Maybe the difference is the amount of original content(?). How about the drudge report–presumably profitable?

It’s a little unfair to compare slate to salon. Salon isn’t profitable, but they had a lot fewer advantages than Slate does: Salon’s got debt payments to make, they can’t use traffic generated from sister sites, they had to code the entire backend from scratch. The question is, if Slate only had Salon’s content, would it also be profitable? My guess would be “yes.”

oi! says:

Its totally possible to make a buck at this

The New York Times recently reported that its online version generated a profit of $8mil last quarter…due entirely to advertising revenue.

Granted, they pay for the content through the sales of print versions of the paper (the articles are drawn from the same pool of content) and the only difference is that the web versions seem to allow for periodic updating of individual stories (along with that ad in the middle of your monitor.)

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