Cell Phone-Camera Combos To Emerge As The Killer App For 3G?

We’ve talked about the idea of some form of multimedia messaging being the killer app for 3G, and can make fairly convincing arguments both for and against the idea. Here’s a good article to add to the list giving a list of reasons why camera-phones are likely to be the killer app driving 3G adoption. Of course, I won’t get into the arguments (1) complaining about the use of the term “killer app” or (2) wondering how a phone itself can be the “killer app”. More interesting, though, is that the writer points out that part of the demand for camera phones could be coming from the fact that no one has integrated WiFi into digital cameras – which seems like an obvious application. I’m not so sure this is true. While adding WiFi to digital cameras does make sense in some situations, the lack of widespread coverage is an issue in picture messaging (unlike some other forms of wireless communications). The real benefits to picture messaging come, in part, from the fact that the pictures can be taken and passed along from anywhere. If you had to wait until you’re at a hotspot, you’d be better off just having bluetooth on your camera to upload the photos to a PC.

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