Five People Pushing Tech's Boundaries

from the optimism-rules dept

It’s nice to see some optimistic articles starting to show up these days. Business Week today came out with a nice collection of articles talking about

five people pushing the boundaries of technology. Again, they’re focused on areas that we often talk about here on Techdirt, including OLEDs and WiFi. Congratulations, also, to Jeff Pulver (an occassional Techdirt reader himself) for making the list for all the work he’s done in the VoIP world. Jeff, of course, runs the VON conference where I’ll be speaking in just a few hours.

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Comments on “Five People Pushing Tech's Boundaries”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

What greenhouse effect?

When LED’s replace light bulbs as the primary source of lighting, will that not have a considerable impact on overall electric demand?

Actually, in order to keep the earth from freezing into another ice age, we do need to produce a good bit of carbon dioxide. Volacanoes emit hydrogen sulfide that cool the atmosphere. Maybe future “Kyoto protocols” will involve nations volunteering to increase their CO2 emissions.

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