Alsop's Seen The Future Of Tech–And It Is Virtual

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Stewart Alsop is apparently going through predictions from years ago that have been considered “failures” and wondering if some of them might yet come true. He’s picked up on the idea of the “virtual” office. He’s not just talking about people working from different places – but an entire business that is interconnected online. These days, for certain businesses, it absolutely doesn’t matter where your servers are physically located, as long as people can reach them online. As part of this, he sees a real opportunity for ASPs and web services. Of course, what I find interesting is that this is happening almost intuitively outside of all the hype around those two ideas. Most people using ASPs and web services barely know that they’re using such things. They just know they’re using an application that makes sense for their business. It’s (finally) becoming less about the way the service is delivered as customers are focusing on how the service is actually useful for them.

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Comments on “Alsop's Seen The Future Of Tech–And It Is Virtual”

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1 Comment
gluefreak (user link) says:

Chiat-Day did something like this a few years back

Ad giant Chiat-Day did an interesting “virtual office” a few years back, one in NYC and another in LA. The employees had lockers instead of desks, they checked out computers and beepers for the day, they had the option of working at home and telecommuting. Very interesting experiment.

There’s an essay about it at the URL above.

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