Hacking The Xbox

from the not-such-a-bad-idea dept

While most of the talk about people who are trying to hack the Xbox talks about how they’re trying to play copied games or to cheat, Business 2.0 looks at some of the folks who are hacking the Xbox because it’s an incredibly cheap, easily programmable computing device, that lets them create some very useful and unique solutions for their homes. The article suggests that Microsoft, instead of trying to stop these modifications, would be smarter to try to get ideas from them.

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Comments on “Hacking The Xbox”

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Mark Fox says:

MS will not open up the Xbox for now for 2 reasons

Firstly since they lose money on each Xbox they will not open it up until they get the cost of product down. Secondly if MS started to market the Xbox as a multiple use device they would be accused of selling a locked in MS only computer – net result – lawsuits. Its not worth MS’s effort to take the risk of lawsuits on something they lose money.

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