HP Thinks In 3D For Web Browsing

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Ever since the first web browser people have been talking about “3D browsing” as if it was the next big thing. I even have a (very dusty) VRML book sitting on my shelf from 1996 when everyone was talking about how you would soon log onto a 3D online “mall”, and walk down the aisles as you shopped. So, forgive me if I’m not really excited by the idea that HP seems to be pitching this same old 3D browsing story. The response is always that computers and graphics processors back then weren’t powerful enough to handle “real” 3D. Maybe that’s true, but I’m not holding my breath, waiting for people to be shopping the aisles at Amazon.com in 3D.

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Comments on “HP Thinks In 3D For Web Browsing”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

actually, several years ago, apple put out a browser plug-in which enabled a 3D type of browsing for sites that had the supporting html code for it.

It was neat ! …. for about 1 minute at which point the ‘neat’ factor wore off and I realized I could move much quicker through a sparsing populated 2D website.

One of the reasons yahoo! got popular and remained popular was the sparse pages that load quickly giving you the data you want in a meaningful way. Until a 3D version accomplishes the same thing, it will always just be a ‘neat’ thing.

thecaptain says:

neato factor...

3d browsing IS neat, as noted above. I had the software to make those 3d sites and played around with it.

The problem is that this will never take off until the hardware (network, machine, monitor etc…) can handle it at the same speeds (or close) as 2d browsing.

Personally I’d love to experiment with a 3d desktop, 3d webs and all…

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