Internet Good For War News… If You Have Lots Of Free Time

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Someone over at the Associated Press has written up a “product review” of the online coverage of the war, and seems to basically be complaining about the fact that the online version of the war hasn’t been reduced to easily digestable soundbites, like they do on TV. Of course, that’s part of the point – but it is a good reminder that sometimes you lose the context when surfing online for war news. Things are changing rapidly, and without the linear timeline of a TV broadcast, sometimes it’s more difficult to piece together what’s happening. Some people, though, probably see that as a “feature” as well, since it forces people to get a deeper understanding of what they’re reading before considering themselves up-to-date on war news.

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Comments on “Internet Good For War News… If You Have Lots Of Free Time”

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1 Comment
Michael M (user link) says:

Down with TV news

I don’t even watch the news on TV anymore. The Web is much better. I go to and I instantly get an overview of the most important things going on at the moment, and I can delve into exactly as much (or as little) detail as I want. Or read more on other news sites if I want.

TV’s linearity is useful for “live” events like a presidential speech or a major crisis, but for day-to-day war news it’s just mindless repetition of today’s sound bites every 20 minutes. I’ll take the Web any time.

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