Asking The Wrong Questions: What's Your Wireless Strategy?

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Businesses get swept up in fads. We all know that. It’s tricky to avoid it sometimes, but making sure that you’re always asking the right questions for your business is a useful way to at least nudge you back in the right direction. At the same time, the “wrong” questions can throw you completely off track. That may be the case with the latest popular question: what’s your wireless strategy? That’s not the type of question a business should be asking. They should be focused on “what do I need to do to keep my customers happy?” or “how will I grow my business?”. Presumably, a wireless strategy can be useful in answering those questions, but focusing simply on “what is your wireless strategy?” will push people in the wrong direction. It will make them create a wireless strategy because everyone else is doing it, rather than because it’s the right thing for their business.

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Comments on “Asking The Wrong Questions: What's Your Wireless Strategy?”

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merlin1horse says:

wireless strategy

Correct. What is your wireless strategy? is a question that should ONLY be a subset of a customer satisfaction question. Measurement milestones of the wireless strategy/action question have to be pinned to customer satisfaction. P.S. I believe there are NO incorrect questions. The more questions one asks the more specific answers one gets.

Anonymous Coward says:

My wireless strategy is...

…based around my need to remove wires.

That may sound stupid, but think about it for
half a second.

I’ve already seen tablet PCs get turfed because,
who the fsck is going to carry around a 2.5 kilo
tablet PC when the can just as easily sit their
fat ass down at a desktop and get the same work
done faster at a lower cost.

All those flashy oracle, SAP and microsoft ads
showing people placing multi-million $$ business
to business orders over their cell phone are
total fabrications.

Tech sometimes losses complete touch with reality
and it’s important to call it when you see it.

Occassionally wireless makes fablous sense. Like
removing a $800 a month telco T1 line from your
monthly budget… Or removing a $30k PBX upgrade
from your office’s operationals costs.

…but what the advertizing wonks would have you
believe is nothing short of fantasy.

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