U.S. Foodservice Threatens Action Against Web Site

from the lawyers-should-be-forced-to-learn-about-technology dept

It’s sad the way lawyers are increasingly taking over business decisions. Lawyers understand the law – but that doesn’t mean it’s good business to always apply the law in every case. The latest questionable move by some corporate lawyers is to threaten to sue a fifth grade teacher who runs a discussion/gripe website about US Foodservice. The site has been up for years, but the lawyers just discovered it now after US Foodservice’s parent company discovered it was going to have to restate earnings – leading to lots of traffic and posts on the site. I’m not sure how any lawyer these days can’t realize the damage they’re doing to their own cause every time they try to shut down such a web discussion group. Here are a group of people who are in a single spot, telling the company what they think they’re doing wrong. That’s valualbe information. Instead of taking it for what it’s worth, corporate lawyers are trying to shut it down, and deny it exists. It doesn’t solve the real problems. It just tries to sweep them under the carpet.

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Comments on “U.S. Foodservice Threatens Action Against Web Site”

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1 Comment
J.D.Bailey says:

Freedom of Speech

You can only expect; to get what you pay for these days in the USA.
If you cannot pay for “Freedom of Speech”, then you should not speak.
Lawyers and money will teach those people a lesson in privilege.
Privilege is something you must buy, but never take as a civil-right.
US Citizens are Dang Fools; always thinking that individuals have rights like USA Corporations. In the past the church and state ruled people, now corporations and the state rule people, and we are all a heck of a lot better off.
God Bless America, and forgive those that know not what they do.
Reality is a self-induced hallucination.

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