GSM Watch Phone

People are complaining about the number of devices they need to carry around these days, so anything that reduces the number of pockets/space in a purse needed is probably a good thing. So, I wonder if anyone is going to seriously consider buying a watch phone. Yes, it’s a perfectly functional phone in the form factor of a watch that you strap to your wrist. The problem, of course, is that holding a phone conversation with your wrist isn’t quite as convenient as holding a phone up to your ear. This one seems more like a novelty item than something that’s likely to catch on.

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Comments on “GSM Watch Phone”

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thecolor (user link) says:

Learn more and discuss the M500 at

OK everyone… is up and running with a forum that is not closed (cough cough mymobilewatch). 😉 It should help you keep up to date with this awesome product!

Please run through things, sign up for the BB, and let me know how things feel work. I’ve run many a server in the past and still do, but, strangely enough, I’ve never run a forum. So, this should be fun. 🙂 Feel free to start things off by adding what we’ve discussed if you so choose.

If you feel there should be a category in the forum, let me know. There is a contact page that goes to me on the site. 🙂


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