Government Should Control The Internet?

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Eugene Kaspersky of Russian antivirus firm Kaspersky Labs has decided that the only way to stop viruses and worms is if governments were to take control of the internet. While it certainly doesn’t give one much confidence in Mr. Kapersky’s own company if he’s basically admitting he can’t do anything to stop viruses and worms, it’s also an incredibly short-sighted view of how the internet works. He says that we need “strict usage rules” or the internet will die. This, of course, completely defeats the purpose of the internet and would decrease its value drastically. Yes, viruses and worms are a problem that need to be dealt with, but throwing up your hands in defeat and saying “let the government take over” only leads to plenty of other problems. Having looked at recent government regulations concerning the internet it’s pretty clear that most politicians have no clue what the internet is, and would very quickly muck it up. It’s too bad Mr Kapersky doesn’t like his job. However, just because he can’t figure out how to prevent viruses doesn’t mean that everyone else is in the same position.

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