Dell Swamped With Unauthorized Refund Requests

from the should-have-thought-this-one-through dept

Dell has apprently been swamped by unauthorized refund requests after details of a special rebate program for certain students/employees was posted to the web. They’re now going back and angering a number of people by telling them their rebates are being denied. The thing is, at this point, Dell should have known better. If your offering any sort of deal online, you know it’s going to spread. If you want to limit it, you need to verify from the beginning that the person fits the requirements. To go back later only creates bad will (no matter how correct they may be from a legal standpoint).

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Comments on “Dell Swamped With Unauthorized Refund Requests”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: No Subject Given

Let me see if I follow you. Dell is catching people who are trying to cheat them. And this is bad.

No, that’s not what I said at all. My point was that Dell should have set up the system so that it wasn’t easy to cheat. They should have known that this would happen.

I agree that they’re in the right to go after people, but that doesn’t mean it won’t create bad will towards them (which is exactly what’s happening).

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Typical Techdirt

You’re talking about a guy who loves posting digital music articles and then railing against the RIAA/MPAA for trying to stop piracy, using the same old tired argument that file sharing actually boosts sales by increasing peoples’ exposure to new material. HORSEBLEEP!

1. I have no idea what this has to do with the article posted above.

2. There have been studies showing that file sharing boosts sales.

3. If you think that’s the only reason I argue against the RIAA/MPAA you have completely missed the point. File sharing is a GREAT technology for the industry because you have a system that decreases costs FOR the industry. Any industry that tries to shut down a system that reduces its costs instead of embracing it and figuring out how to use it to its own advantage deserves to die… which is a wish quickly being granted by the marketplace.

grier (profile) says:

Dell Rebate

Dell discovered that news of the rebate was spreading online and did nothing to stop it in order to encourage people to buy and inflate their Q4 earnings, according to a news report in the Sunday New York Times. People also called Dell to make sure they would be eligible for the rebates and were told by Dell employees, that yes, they were eligible, the story said.

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