How To Stop Repetitive Mistake Syndrome On The Internet

from the worthwhile-read dept

Doc Searls and Dave Weinberger have written up a nice article called World of Ends, talking about what the internet is not, and explaining why so many businesses keep misinterpreting the internet – something they call repetitive mistake syndrome. The article makes some very good points, in a very simple way. Nothing really all that surprising or new (especially if you read either one of them regularly). However, it’s still a good piece. The quick summary is that companies need to learn to embrace the internet for what it is – and not what they want it to be. They all look at it from the point of view of their current business models and how to extend those business models to the internet. That’s the wrong way to look at it. The internet has different characteristics, and it’s important to understand those characteristics to understand how a company can use those characteristics to advance their business.

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