Ruthless Bastard Lawyer Spoofed Email

from the not-good dept

If you thought my life as an unintentional spammer was bad, just imagine what happens when such a trick is employed specifically to ruin your reputation. In my case, someone sent out spam emails in my name, so that I had to deal with all the bounces. It wasn’t targeted directly at me, I just happened to be the unlucky one that day – and, it seems more and more people are experiencing that pain every day. However, this also opens up the possibility of using such tools to specifically ruin someone’s reputation. Someone sent out an email using such spamming software, pretending to be from a top partner at a well known law firm in the UK. In the email, they had the guy say, “I am a ruthless bastard and I will screw the opposition to the wall even if it means bending a few rules.” Since the guy is a lawyer, it’s no surprise that there are any number of possible suspects. The law firm says they don’t think it will be easy to catch whoever did it.

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