That's Advertainment!

from the product-placement-is-so-last-year dept

We’ve discussed this issue before, but now Hollywood has apparently really jumped onto the idea of “advertainment” or “branded content”, where advertisers pay for a portion of content which will either get their names noticed or their products displayed in a positive light. Think FedEx in Cast Away or BMWFilms. Now, however, some studios are looking specifically for advertainment vehicles, pointing out that commercials and traditional advertising are a dying breed. And, oh yeah, don’t call this product placement, because it goes many miles beyond that – with the advertising company much more involved in the content creation process as well. Some of the comments from the folks in the article focusing on this market are a little bit too Hollywood – as they seem to forget that if the message is too overt, people are likely to react badly. One thing Hollywood isn’t usually known for is its tact and subtlety.

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Comments on “That's Advertainment!”

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dorpus says:

More jobs for creative people

When the big music labels go down, and when a lot of big movie studios will go down too because of future movie swapping on the net, we’ll need another source of jobs for creative people. Well-funded, professionally made movies or songs featuring Coca Cola or whatever could be the next business model of the entertainment industry.

Such strategies would go back to the 1970s model of Corporate Socialism, when big corporations offered a lot of fringe benefits and jobs to marginally useful functions. The 80s/90s saw an era of more competitive/vicious capitalism, because there were a lot of new, poorer countries in the capitalist game. When those countries get richer, we could go back to a softer capitalism.

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