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Apple Online Music Service Wins Kudos

from the the-right-way-to-offer-online-music? dept

Maybe Steve Jobs is trying to make Michael Eisner happy. The two (partners in Pixar/Diseny) faced off last year when Eisner accused Jobs of encouraging people to “steal” music with Apple’s “Rip, Mix, Burn” advertising campaign. However, according to this report, Apple is getting ready to launche a legal music download site that makes music industry insiders happy. The article has someone claiming that, “this is exactly what the music industry has been waiting for.” If that’s really the case, I imagine it would have a terrible user experience and make it nearly impossible to actually download any music. However, that is certainly not Apple’s style. Apple has done an amazing job with things like iTunes, so, I wouldn’t put it past them to design a music download service that really made sense. The question, though, remains is it a real music “sharing” service, or will it be yet another “download” service. Apple, as is their custom, refuses to comment.

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