Custom Jeans For Every Butt

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Taking a page from the guy who tried to get custom Nike shoes to say “sweatshop” is this Salon reporter who tried to get an anti-mass customization tract printed on a pair of “custom” Levi’s jeans (actually, I’m a little confused as to what she actually wanted printed on the jeans – the article rambles on quite a bit at points). In the end, it didn’t come out the way she wanted, which isn’t really a surprise. The concept of “mass customization” isn’t so much about creating unique products – as it is about offering plenty of different options that a consumer can tweak to meet their own requirements.

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Comments on “Custom Jeans For Every Butt”

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dorpus says:

Jeans for Gs

If customized jeans could make pockets in obscure places, then drug dealers and junkies can better hide their pills, packet, syringes, or blades. If such jeans become popular, then strip searches may have to become the norm of police conduct. Minority organizations will no doubt raise a fuss, and jeans makers will eventually be held responsible.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Jeans for Gs

Once again you’ve managed to pack an extraordinary amount of wrong into surprisingly few sentences.
This web log’s primary subject matter is technology and the technology industry. I wonder if you understand this. This is not a place for you to express your thinly veiled hatred of others. Go play on Metafilter.

P.J. (user link) says:

Custom Jeans For Every Butt

Good comment about mass-customization…True Customization is what’s offered at mejeans – Custom jeans that are made to fit you and only you, and look exactly the way you want them to look. It’s a slam dunk as far as I’m concerned…Custom made jeans inherently will be exactly what the customer wants – And since shipping is free and there’s a satisfaction guarantee, mejeans seems to be the way to go!

S.M. (user link) says:

Personalized Custom Made Jeans

At Tailormade Jeanswear you not only get mass customized made to measure custom denim jeans but you can even get your name or nickname embroidered in the right fly.

Yes the mass customization industry in slowly moving into the garment industry. At TJ’s you can choose everyting from fit, fabric, finishes and features for a pair of jeans made from measurements taken from your favorite best fitting pair of jeans.

Or you can send them your best fitting worn out pair under the TJ’s Clone a Jean service.

Shawn Forgaard says:

I bought a suit, what a rip-off!

I ordered a suit, it came all wrong….Wrong color, wrong measurements, and wrong sleeves. They decided not to take responsibility and fix the problem. Instead they wanted me to pay for *another* suit (at a discounted rate). I guess they want me to keep paying for suits until they get it right…What a rip-off!

They sent me the wrong size (on multiple measurements).
-Shoulders measure 18.75″ (I ordered 20″)
-Thighs are 23.5″ (I ordered 26″)
-Color was wrong (They were out of the material I ordered so they sent me a different color w/out asking me – the color they sent looks very outdated).
-Jacket has 4 button sleeves (I ordered 3 buttons)

The customer service is terrible…, everything done via email. I ordered the suit at the beginning of Nov. It’s been almost 2 months later now and they are still giving me the run-around.

Take a look at the negative feedback on eBay; I’m sure it’s all true (no matter what excuse he makes up to defend himself). If you decided to take the risk of buying something from him.

Yoon Choi says:

Got my indi!!!

I am so happy, just got my pair of indi jeans and they look and feel hot!!! I created mine with just the style I like, low rise with back pocket flaps. I even got a discount using a coupon code I found, not sure when it expires.

The coupon code is getindi, you can save $10 off your order.

Shawn, good luck getting your money back from, looks like they went out of business.


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