3G Mobile: Condemned to Succeed

This opinion piece that was originally published in the Wall Street Journal seems to take 3’s marketing message to heart, by claiming that 3G technology will succeed much faster and in a much bigger way than anyone expects. While we have no doubt that 3G technology will eventually take over, we’re a little more skeptical about some of the super hyped up aspects. For example, this article claims that people are clamoring for the video-phone feature found on 3G phones – saying that “In a bar, a train station, or at a dinner party, will generate an unstoppable trail of word of mouth”. In the history of the (landline) telephone there have been many attempts at offering video-phones – all of which failed, when people remembered that they don’t like being stared at when they’re on the phone. Yes, there are other applications for video cameras on the phone – and they will catch on. However, the initial hype still seems to be a bit too much.

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