Gator Pop-Up Lawsuit Settled

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Back in June a number of large publishing houses sued Gator for putting pop ups on their page that blocked their own ads (for those people who had installed the Gator adware program). Now, the publishers have reached a settlement with Gator, though no details have been given. Chances are that Gator paid those sites some money, but it’s unclear if they will still be allowed to run their pop ups. Meanwhile, there are still plenty of other lawsuits pending against Gator, as well as the one Gator themselves filed against a software product that blocks their ads. Gator, of course, has a pretty bad reputation as being one of the more evil proponents of sneaky adware. It might have been better if this case had gone to trial and the judge told Gator it was breaking the law.

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Comments on “Gator Pop-Up Lawsuit Settled”

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1 Comment
Richard says:

There's a pop-up software that is way worse than G

Searchscout toolbar is more needed to be sued than Gator. It gives people more annoying Pop-Ups than Gator. The software automatically directly installs onto your computer without any questions asked, then it gives you pop-ups about eveything you don’t need, like buying Viagra pills, Porn sites, and many other disturbing sites. When you are off of the computer (not using it) many many pop-ups jumps out of your computer with the support of Searchscout from GAIN.

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