Korean Group To Sue Microsoft Over Slammer Worm

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Since the Slammer worm hit last week the debate has raged back and forth over just how responsible Microsoft was for the worm spreading all over the internet. Now, a group in Korea is going to test that question on the legal stage as they prepare a lawsuit against Microsoft for the Slammer worm, saying that Microsoft didn’t do a good enough job alerting people to the possible dangers before the virus hit. They’re probably basing the suit on Korean product liability laws, but might also try to sue in the US. There have always been questions about how strongly various liability laws apply to buggy software, so this might be an interesting case to watch, especially if it’s filed in the US. Even if this particular group doesn’t file in the US, I’m sure another one will in the very near future. While I’m all for pushing Microsoft to be better about improving their products’ security, I’m not so sure this is such a good idea. Making all software providers liable for any damage that can be caused by any bug could completely stop the software industry from operating.

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