Case Heralds The End Of The Internet

from the oh-no! dept

The Register does a good job looking at the specific issues brought up by the latest events in an increasingly long legal saga over the domain name. If you haven’t been following along for the past however many years, the the guy who originally registered the domain had it stolen away from him by a series of deceptive faxes to Network Solutions. The courts have returned the domain to the guy, and awarded him money, but the domain thief skipped town with all of the many millions he made running for a few years. So, now, the guy is going after Network Solutions for not having properly checked the domain transfer. The Supreme Court has been asked to consider the question of whether or not domain names count as property, and both sides have submitted their story. Network Solutions, being a bit overdramatic, tries to suggest that a ruling saying that domains are property could destroy Network Solutions and bring the entire internet crashing down. Apparently, what the Slammer worm failed to do, the Supreme Court could do in a single decision. Clearly, they’re inflating their own value a bit.

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