Vietnam Wrestles With Internet Growth

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Earlier today I posted the story about how technology and democracy were impacting South Korea. I mentioned that it was refreshing to see an article talking about how the internet is having a positive impact on government after reading stories about how governments are censoring the internet all over the place. As if to prove that point, here’s an article talking about how the internet is taking off in Vietnam, but is being carefully controlled by the government – who will throw people in jail for putting “dangerous” material online. They also want to hold ISPs and cybercafes liable for anything bad that their customers do, saying that it’s just like a restaurant with a health inspector: the restaurant must make sure it’s not poisoning its customers, and the cybercafe needs to make sure it’s not poisoning its customers minds. Yet another example of how governments can manipulate the internet to their advantage. I do wonder, however, what makes a government so insecure in its own ruling ability that it believes people will automatically go running to the opposition, if they even know they exist.

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Comments on “Vietnam Wrestles With Internet Growth”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:


Vietnam is an impoverished country in a part of the world famous for its drug and human trafficking. There is the potential for ethnic warfare, by the Hmongs or over regional differences. The internet has the potential to inflict quite a lot of harm on a country like that. Rabble-rousing “democracy dissidents” will likely turn a bad situation worse, creating an Afghan-style refugee crisis. Other countries in the region are already fed up with Vietnamese refugees.

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