Re-Thinking The Network Economy

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While I think many people are sick of books about the “new economy”, this relatively new book sounds like it might be worth reading. It takes a much more pragmatic approach to the subject, and looks at things from the perspective of an economist – looking at how, realistically, the internet does changes some things, but leaves others the same. It really sounds like Re-Thinking the Network Economy looks at the internet and tries to strip out the hype while focusing on the core economics of how markets work. Since I’m a strong believer in having a good understanding of economics in trying to understand how the world works, it’s good to see economists try to answer these questions that have plenty of people scratching their heads. From the review here, I don’t think I agree with everything he has to say, but it still sounds like it’s worth reading to get his perspective.

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Comments on “Re-Thinking The Network Economy”

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1 Comment
lorenzo says:


I was an economist myself, not a good one, and although used to boring books I couldn t get to the end of this one (maybe I didn t even go beyond cahpter 1)

I was deceived into buying it by a positive Economist review of it and only takeout from this reading is that this guy shorted Yahoo circa 1995 and had to write a (relative) best seller to cover its growing margin calls.

6 years as a contrarian, eventually 18 months on the right side, I wish him 10 more years as a contrarian (economist are mostly contrarians, he ll enjoy that)

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