Pink Slip Nightmare

from the emotional-impact dept

A friend of mine worked for a company in San Francisco for a few years, often complaining about the job and the company and how unmotivated she felt. She often thought about finding another job or just quitting. However, when the company abruptly shut down, she was shocked at the emotional impact it had on her. While plenty of people have had fun the last couple years sneering and jeering at all those who lost their jobs, it’s important to remember that these are real people who have real feelings. Salon does the best I’ve seen of someone demonstrating the emotional anguish one goes through when waiting to find out whether or not you’ve lost your job (and this is the story of the wife of the person at risk – not even the person himself). Even, in this case, where initially the guy wanted to get laid off, the emotional impact of actually losing a job takes its toll. It’s good to see a more sympathetic take on the “pink slip nightmare”.

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Comments on “Pink Slip Nightmare”

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1 Comment
MeV says:

Well, that's a relief...

When I said that at the termination interview, the manager was taken aback. I wasn’t happy at that contract with the job or the people or the company culture. I’d been agonizing over whether to quit or not.

I’ve also noticed that managers don’t appreciate it when I refer to my leaving (voluntarily or otherwise) as “being paroled”.

And then there are the contracts where I missed the people I worked with…

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