Music Industry's Latest Plea

from the for-the-love-of-music? dept

The music industry really just does not get it. They’re still trying to convince people that they should stop sharing music for “moral” reasons. This goes against every natural feeling that people have about music. The best music I’ve ever heard is when friends have told me “you gotta hear this…”. The fact that the music industry doesn’t get this is simply scary. The article linked to here, is from a Motown song writer, telling the people who love his music that they’re all thieves for not paying him his 8 cents per song they download. He suggests (a music industry favorite) that no one will make any more music because of all this file sharing. This is just wrong – and most people know it. The people I know who are in bands have done it because they like to make music. They like performing music. They like people to hear their music. The thrill of making music and performing is what they got into it for. Sure, there are people who are just in it for the money, but maybe the world is a better place if those who are making music just for the money went into some other business.

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Comments on “Music Industry's Latest Plea”

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1 Comment
mgallagher says:

Not to beat a dead horse, but...

Maybe it’s just the cost figure, but something about this sounds, well, reasonable.

As I’ve written in previous posts, I don’t share (music) files, I don’t download them, and although I have several MP3 players, I own the CD for every track on each of them.

That said, I can see paying 8 cents per track, even if I had to buy all 8-14 tracks that typically make up an “album”. A dollar or so for the raw content, without the “hard” back-up of CD media, liner art, etc. sounds completely acceptable. Combine that with a search/download engine that gets every catalog and a guarantee of encode quality – and we just might have the service that people will pay for.

At least I would. But then again, maybe it’s just beacuse it’s only 8 cents.

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